Let’s gain readers together 😊


My friend and I have recently published two stories, and we are working on our third.

I would love to do some read for read/ review for review, to help you gain reads and to gain reads for our stories.

Story - Piece Of Me Missing
Author - Aimee and Jade
Genre - Drama
Chapters Published - 7
Description- When you and your twin are separated at childhood, you’ve always felt there’s a part of you missing. Will a rekindled relationship fill the gap?

Story - The Haunted Ouija
Author - Aimee and Jade
Genre - Horror
Chapters Published - 4
Description - A collection of short horror stories. The stakes are live or die. Will you be able to save yourself and your friends?

If you’re interested in either read for read/ review for review, please comment your story details below!


I am currently working on my story but i would love to help you