Let’s Get 1,000,000 Replys!


I want to get 1,000,000 replys on this post. Let’s all put random things and see if it gets to 1,000,000!

[In honor of TheCupcakeAddict, the original Owner, the 60,000 -ish replies on the original thread and everyone who contributed to it]



(I couldn’t find a cupcake, so a cake will have to do.)


Hello… we only have 2 posts o_O


Let’s just hope they don’t take this down


Yeah same

(20 charizards?)


Hi everyone and the little ompalompa sitting on your shoulder!!

Yes I know what your thinking,

  1. No I’m not insane
  2. The ompalompa is invisible
  3. Idk I’m just bored :neutral_face:


ugh im so sad we have to start this all over lol it was like 4 years old on the other forum




wooooopoo uploading pics works


def took me a second to figure out how to post a gif/pic and def posted just the link to the gif and then def accidentally replied to my post with the gif instead of editing the original

im having some problems lmao


Heyo again everyone.


Just testing this out can anyone read this?


Hey guys, just to let y’all know it is me, Mia T (won’t put my surname as I don’t want my account to have my full name this time). Sad to see that the old forums is going , but I will admit this one is pretty cool.


Heyy! I’m Ella :blush:
I didn’t really post on the last 1,000,000 replies - so i’m going to post loads on this one




Hey everyone it’s me Audrey Austen :blush:
And I can’t wait to post here again :grin:


hey yall might as well do a bit of self promo, go follow @coverdrae on Instagram to see stuff about stories and my edits and outfits!!


Hello new million replies thread! :confetti_ball:


Hello new 1000000 replys thread.
It’s been lovely to make your acquaintance.


Lol we have a long way to go :rofl: