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HI EVERYONE! It’s Alphy. :smirk:

I bet no one knows me here since I’ve never been really active on the forums, but I just got here again to do some promoting. Anyway! I checked some topics and I didn’t immediately see a topic like this? So I decided to create one myself. :thinking:

I honestly got no clue if it’ll be a nice idea or not, but we all like meeting new people, right? So yeah… here we are. :eyes:
Pls note that I’ve never been very active on here but I’ll try!

You can always find me on Instagram too. DM, follow or whatever me @alphan.episode and make sure to leave your IG here too if you’d like to meet new ppl.

Now let’s chat, guys. Who are you? What do you like (about the Episode stories/community/editors/authors/…)? What do you do in your spare time? Which stories do you like or read currently? How many kitties do you have? All of it. :joy:

About me:

I’m Alphan, 19 y/o (almost 20). I live in Belgium and I love animals. I got 7 cats and 1 dog. I go to college where I study psychology. I’d love to become a psychologist one day as I’m very interested in the whole thing… :thinking: More Episode related I’d say Episode isn’t my life, but it’s definitely an important part of it. I started off reading a lot. I love drama and romance, I like cliche. But I’m not really reading atm as I’m writing and editing a lot rn. My passion is writing (I currently have 3 published stories on the app). I edit since somewhere last year. If you wanna know anything else, lemme know​:heartbeat:

Your turn. :eyes:


Hi Alphan! I am Saasha!

I am basically a monkey disguised as a human who actually claims to be a vampire. People say I am complicated. Idk why.

My real name is actually not Saasha and it’s a made up name because the normal version doesn’t contain two As in it. But hey, I am far from normal. Anyways, I am really weird and creepy, not that you should be scared. I love making friends and I would love to be friends with you. I am 15 and a half tho. But I can talk like an adult if that suits you. :joy:

My ig is @Badass_Saasha but I am not very active there.

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