Let’s make our ranking skyhigh! Help each other

Hi everyone!

Let’s make our ranking skyhigh!

How nice will it be, if we can make our own stories more popular?

Let’s help each other by open the story in the app. You do not even have to read it!
(but hopefully you do) It is important to open the story.

If you help me! -> I will help you.

The only thing I need is:

Did you read the story with pleasure? Add the story to your profile ‘Stories I recommend’. If you add my story, I automatically will read yours and if I read your story with pleasure I will add your story on my profile!

So important to know:

Title of my story: Loveaholic, The man of my dreams
Author name: CJM

p.s. Leave a message below. Keep it simple and short, please do not upload images.

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Would you like to do a read for read? :smile:

Title: Nocturnal
Author: CrazyCreativeMind
Episodes: 4 (More episodes coming soon)
Genre: Horror, romance
Style: Limelight
Description: It’s been a year since Eli’s sister was taken by soul-devouring demons. Now, they have come back for him and won’t stop until his sanity is lost and his soul is captured.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4775419765456896

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No problem!!

hey! are you interested in read for read?

You, Me And The Beat by Anna :smiley:


hope you’ll enjoy :purple_heart:

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Of course!!

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I launched my new story a week ago:

Loveaholic, The man of my dreams!

It is a Limelight story and I’m proud!

You can read 6 episodes now! The 5th episode will be available at the end of this week.
I have written 7 episodes so far and I am currently busy writing the 8th episode.

And I’m almost finishing the 7th episode! I hope you like my story and recommend it to all your episodes fans!

Story description:
In your dreams you will meet your true love. You would do anything to make your dream come true. Does he really exist?

Author Name: CJM

It is a Romance story and more episodes are coming soon!

x CJM x

P.s. I hope you can make my story more popular!


This is great! I’ll get started.

Story Name: The Godmothers’ Heir
Description: A year ago a tragic shooting and two gang members try capturing you. Now a year later it’s your turn to find out why, but how simple is that for two teens still in highschool?

Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Drama, Romance
Some tags: CC, Choices, LGBTQ+, Trailblazer, Cliche-Breaker,

Instagram : @lee.lee_26 Link:https://www.instagram.com/lee.lee_26/?hl=en
Leave a follow :wink:

Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6065730015199232


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