Let’s name your story!

Drop a description of your story here and let’s see if we can come up with an awesome title/name for it! The more you tell us, the more relevant your title will be :slight_smile:

Sometimes the uninventive names people use can seriously turn people off reading an otherwise interesting story, so let’s fix this together!


My story that I’m working on is currently called J&L, but I think I might change it up
Story Description
Jessica and her sister, Lydia are both internet famous which means they get many different opportunity to do different things but they also have to deal with consequences in being Internet famous.

it’s not really a good description but that’s all i thought of

Hmmm! That’s a difficult one!

The Vloggers
Stress and Stardom

I’ll come up with some better ones in a few hours… once I’ve unstuck my eyelids and gotten some tea :joy:


okay, thank you

So I have a new story in currently working on, and Id love to see what titles you come up with as Im terrible at it, anyways heres a small description:
10, such an unlucky number they never knew what would hit them in the back. They had to train, to kill, to survive, to be the last one standing. Not to mention, the chance of becoming one of them.

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could you explain more what your story is about?

So that story is more of like 10 orphans that each have a coach to train them, when the time comes they would fight each other etc…

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The Unwanted Ten?

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What kind of risks do they have to deal with? Is there a big risk that’s really important to the plot? :blush:

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they have to deal with hates and threats online

That sounds like a great premise! Why are they stuck?

To be honest, I really like the name Lockdown. It’s sharp and punchy and super intriguing. It really creates suspense and makes you want to know what happens! :smiley:

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