Let’s play 2 Truths and 1 Lie! 👀

So i’m sure everyone knows how to play if you don’t here’s how!:two_hearts:

I will start by stating three statements and y’all have to guess which are the 2 truths and which is the 1 lie! :blush:ok let’s start! :fairy:

-I have an girlfriend :fairy:
-I can crochet :fairy:
-I have a cat🧚


The lie is you can crochet

  1. I’m married.
  2. I have a dog.
  3. I like putting on makeup.

correct i can’t crochet to save my life :pensive:

and i say the lie is that you’re married!


Yes. I’m not married.


ok so next one

-I am sick

  • I am healthy
    -I hate dogs

You hate dogs is the lie

  1. I can read upside down.
  2. I want to work at a no kill animal shelter.
  3. I don’t like olives.

sorry incorrect the lie was im sick :fairy:
and i say you don’t like olives was the lie!

-I accidentally drank oil because i thought it was apple juice

-I thought that butter was a plant that was grown

-I never knew that Fahrenheit or acres was a way of measuring things


No I don’t like olives the lie was I can read upside down
The lie for you is the first one

  1. I am adopted
  2. I have 2 kids
    3 I was the queen of sleep for Halloween

Nope the second about butter was a lie! and i say that you having 2 kids is a lie.
i drank oil because i it was in an cup in the fridge and i was thirsty!:sweat_smile::skull:


The lie: Two kids? Idk lol
I have broken my arms 4 times each. :muscle:
I have a tattoo of a rainbow cupcake :cupcake:
My favorite color is green. :green_heart:

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I would have thrown up lol I can’t imagine having a mouthful of oil.


i hope for your part the broken arms is the lie because gosh is your arms ok if that’s a truth?:two_hearts:

And mine
-I am lesbian
-I am bisexual
-I am a terrible chef :fairy:

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I did this story probably sounds ridiculously fake lol but what happened was i just came home a few years ago from high school and i was thirsty it was an hot summer and usually my family leave drinks and whatever in glasses and cups in the fridge and i usually don’t drink of it because of cross contamination but i was so hot that i didn’t care and when i did start drinking i realised that this wasn’t right and when i asked my mother whats wrong with the apple juice she told me we didn’t have apple juice and i asked what’s that in the fridge and she said it’s oil i vomited continuously…

moral of story : don’t drink drinks from fridge :sweat_smile::-1: i wouldn’t recommend anyone drinking that :fairy:


I have broken my arms 4 times each throughout my childhood/teen years (I’m 32). I have a rainbow cupcake with a skull *colored like a cherry and has stem) and stars behind it across the top of my foot.

My lie: Favorite color. Mine is actually purple and turquoise. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the chef one since the first two are so closely related (since bisexual means attraction to men and women… ) I’m probably wrong. :woman_facepalming: lol

I’d say yep after having to go through that! As I was reading the story I thought of the reels where the voiceover is like “and, in that moment, __________ realized that they had f*cked up” :joy:


please i’m so glad you heard that reel of i definitely f’ed up :skull: i’m still traumatised but oh gosh i’ve gotten so hurt before but i’ve never broken a bone and you had 4 on each arm, you parents probably had a handful with you :face_with_hand_over_mouth::two_hearts:,
and sorry hon i’m bisexual, and indeed an terrible cook like i couldn’t tell oil from apple juice :fairy::fairy:

the lie was that i’m lesbian💕

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They really did. That and I had an older brother who really didn’t like me as kids-- two of the times I broke an arm were his fault. Sad, but true. The behavior changed when I kicked his butt (I do not condone violence but he had it coming lol)

This was my second guess but I also know a girl that called herself bi but then decided lesbian fit better when she married her girlfriend. lol I’m bi as well. :slight_smile:

Let’s see…

I am 9 years sober this coming year.
I am a Libra.
I have never traveled outside of my country.


i’m really sorry to hear that i get that violence isn’t always the answer BUT you gotta do what you gotta do!

Mhm i hundred percent understand that! I honestly change my sexuality a lot from lesbian to bisexual to pansexual back to bisexual so definitely know where you coming from! when i got with my girlfriend it became even more confusing :fairy::two_hearts:

i say that you’re lying about being a libra! :blush:

Nope. The lie was never having left my country to travel. I have been to Jamaica, the virgin islands, and Mexico. We are planning a Euro-trip once our youngest is old enough to enjoy the experience and remember it. lol

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That’s amazing i’m happy for you! i’ve never left my county not really about financial more about my fear of airplanes :smiling_face_with_tear: id rather go by boat and sadly i won’t be able to play right now! i have to go​:two_hearts:


Stay safe :slight_smile: