Let’s play!... I’m bored lol



Heyyyyy!!! So just for fun I was gonna ask
What’s ur age? I’m 22 :yum:


Hi, I’m 14, and bored too, lol.


Same age :grin:


I’m snuggled in bed and can’t fall asleep it sucks :weary::weary::weary:


Haha, I’m in bed too. It’s 8.40 in the morning, I woke up 2 hours ago.


It’s 12:43 am we’re i live!!:scream::scream::scream:


You should get away from the damn phone if you want to sleep :joy: do you have school tomorrow?


13 , its 12:45 A.M here


Lol no!!! Im a mom and i do makeup for passion❤️


We must be in the same time zone!!!


Ooh, that’s cool.


Yes so no school, just at home :grimacing:


Uh, school re-opens monday, Caribbean life


What part of the Caribbean? I used to live in the Caribbean too


Belize, its more in Central America though, but its bordered by the beautiful Caribbean Sea. And saying Caribbean sounds better than Central America to me.


Still that’s amazing!


So, what part where you from ? (Sorry if I sound nosy)


Nahhh u good! I lived in Puerto Rico


Tiny lil Island(its a beautiful lil nation,just like my own), I did a project on puerto rico


I’m 17 and I can’t sleep OOF