Let’s say our goodbyes

No I can’t believe the forums is closing! This is so sad. I’ve been on here since I was little, a different account but still. This is so crazy.
Goodbye everyone! Take care. 🩷
My insta is KenziRae.epi


It’s sad to look at the discord server. I’m so sorry to say goodbye because forums are more active than the discord itself I can’t believe they are doing it and how horribly it will backfire at them

The forums was such a part of my teenagehood. I got to know beautiful people in a beautiful community. I discovered some incredible stories and got to share my own. I’ve gotten so much assistance with my stories because of people here, my latest story would have never gotten as successful as it did without that feedback. I’ve read some of the greatest, most inspirational creations because of recommendations on these forums.

There was so much to these forums, I remember the days when you could do role-play games, I remember the polls thread, the memes thread, the how-to’s, the outfits ideas, the story contests, that time Episode released that creepy new animation and immediately reverted it back after the backlash. There are plenty more. And that’s just the episode-related stuff. There were countless threads of all and any topics; hilarious, moving, brave, it was all there.

This was a safe community too. People bared their souls, I included, and would receive endless support. When I was in a really low place, the forums and this community was what I turned to.

Honestly, I think this platform has changed my life.

These forums will be missed, but, trust me, it will never, ever, be forgotten.

Threads that will live on forever

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In case anyone didn’t see…

It’s not long but at least we now have more than a week! I take back my goodbye for now


BUMP :rose:

I probably said this so many times, but the Forums closing at the end of August is still very frustrating and devastating for a lot of people who rely on the forums and like to browse it (including me). I will definitely for sure feel its impact because I’ve spent years on the forums (2018-2022, and then back again in 2024). I’m not spending time saving my posts, because I want to write and then in September, I’m going to be really busy and inactive for about three months (which is why I wanted to get writing done this summer, not save posts). :smiling_face_with_tear:

I did notice a huge dip in activity but despite this drastic drop, I can appreciate that a lot of people would come to the forums for their answers to directing questions and pretty much anything else, even without creating accounts. To add on, I really like the idea of small community environment and I love the ways the forums were structured. I’m on Discord and there’s a bunch of topics I commented on because I want to stay informed on them, but already they have disappeared :sob:

I’m saddened by this decision and I know at some point, I will get over it (time heals) but it definitely has affected me. I would like to bid goodbye to both old, and new users, thanks for making my experience on the forums one heck of a time (and very memorable) :face_holding_back_tears: :blob_hearts:


wait… I come back years later and this is how I find out :cry: :cry: :cry:


Forums genuinely helped me so so much with learning coding and I’m saddened to learn it’ll be closing in August :frowning:


That sucks, I just knew about forums and created an account only to fidn out it’s closing…