Let’s support the other!

Hello everyone! My name is Faith and I am an author on episode. I made this thread to share a topic of what it’s like to be an author on episode, let’s get to know the other!
About me: I’ve been writing on episode for four years now. Writing has been my dream since I was a kid and I love it here on episode. I started as a reader and grew to want to write my own stories!
Instagram: faith_author
LETS CHAT!:grin:


Hi!! Thank you for the thread!
I go by Crystal here and I’ve been reading on episode for 6 years now. I started in the community as an artist and I published my first story back in May 2023 for the Fabled contest!!

I mainly do more writing now but still draw Episode art from time to time :smiling_face:
Insta: @crystalarclight


Hey hey!! Thank you for this Thread♡
I’m a new Episode author but I’m definitely not new to Episode. I think I’ve been on that app since 2019 and damn, I really miss those times.
I made it my mission to bring back that 2019 Episode humor and vibe, because I know there are people like me that miss it and seek that nostalgia. On here I go by Star (Starrite)
Everyone on here is very kind and welcoming so i also want to state how grateful I am to be a part of the community🫶
Insta: St4rrite_epi


Hello! Thanks for this!
My name is Raven and I have been reading and writing on Episode stories since lockdown, then sort of stopped as I lost motivation for my story. I am wanting to get back into writing for Episode. I do digital art as well, so I am available for commisions as well :blush:

Insta: raven_author
Tik Tok: raven_author


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Hi Faith thanks for making this thread.
About me: I’m also an author on Episode.
Author Name: N.Findley
I just published my first episode this year and I’m really proud that I was able to. I started out as a reader also and decided to start writing because writing has always been a passion of mine and I’m so excited readers are able to read my work and enjoy it as much as I do. i believe in supporting each other and putting in the work to reach at the level you are aiming for as a writer. I appreciate all the support of my story thus far and celebrate all the small milestones.
Instagram: @empress.nas if anyone needs to chat or support :heart:

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Keep writing and keep pushing…take a break to clear your mind, new inspirations will definitely come to you!

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Hi! I love this thread!
I’m Cale and I’m on Episode as a reader since 2016, I always wanted to have a story on Episode and I have a few stories I started working on in the last two years and I gave up on them, but at least I learnt to code :woman_shrugging:t3::sweat_smile:
I’m currently working on a story I plan to finally publish (at least I hope so, because I’m kinda struggling with motivation)
I’m also on ig as __epi.c, if anyone needs support, some help or simply a friend! :blush:


You seem so sweet, I followed you on insta! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:🩷

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Thank you so much! I just followed back! :innocent::heart::heart:

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