Let’s talk about... April Picks!

I’m pretty excited about this shelf, but first let’s see what you guys think :upside_down_face:


Congrats to everyone who made in this shelf! :heart:

I think this shelf looks very promising and so far, I read Folk Devils by @M.jordan and AFTERLIFE by @Raniksa. These are both great stories that I highly recommend! :slight_smile:
I also have Black Heliconia by @kheyrwrites on my list for days but I didn’t read it yet. I think I will read it today. :blush:


I’ve read three of these so far.

The first is AFTERLIFE and I remember binge reading it one night and literally not being able to put it down. Glad to see it on a shelf, one of the best mystery stories I’ve read on the app hands down.

The second was Black Heliconia which I created a fan club for… So it should be obvious that I love it and I’m so happy episode put it on a shelf. What’s really unique about this story is the custom art and so I’ll be keen to know how many people will read this week and ask Kheyr how she got new hair and outfits now :eyes::laughing:

The final one I’ve read was Art-Ache and I would highly recommend this one. The characters are really well developed, all unique and have their own quirks about them (Margaret :pleading_face:) . There was a lot of comedic moments I found, which made this story quite uplifting for me. I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds :grinning: Also the cover is :chef:


I am here for Black Heliconia. :raised_hands:t5:
Adding to what Amberose said, the set of amazing expressions show how much Kheyr put her dedication and talent in this story.
The snake scene expression is the best, imo.
It’s awesome to see it recognized, I love the concept of starting as an herbalist apprentice, the relationships.

I may check Afterlife this week, someone fished me with Mystery cough cough Amberose cough cough

Congratulations to all authors :yay:


Hi guys! I’m so thankful for being at the shelf you have no idea! It’s still a bit surreal for me and I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support I’m receiving and all good comments about my story. I just published two new chapters and just wanted to say I’m working hard on new ones so this story could be complete, maybe not so soon, but definitely won’t leave this story without ending it :smiley: thank you all so much once again! <3
much love,
Raniksa xoxo


This shelf was a huge surprise to me because it contains 3 stories that I wanted to see as previous contest winners.

I thought that Folk Devils should have been a K&T winner, moreover this was my best bet for that shelf, because the romance is believable, and while the love interest can be considered as a “bad boy”, the story is so well-written, that it definitely goes beyond the usual tropes.

As for the Magicka contest, I definitely expected Art-Ache to win, because of the great concept, great writing, great directing and great characters. I know I’ve said great four times, but what I mean is that this story is kind of flawless.
I also thought that Black Heliconia would deserve to win, but tbh I had doubts that Episode would feature it, because I thought this story was too different from their taste. Even if it’s on another shelf, I’m glad that I was wrong, because this was one of the most unique stories I’ve ever read.


I’m very very intrigued by Art-Ache!! Black Heliconia also seems good but I’ll have to see :wink:


This entire shelf looks rather interesting! I’ve only read Art-Ache and Black Heliconia, but I’m open to checking out the others.

I read Art-Ache during the Magicka contest and I thought the premise of a witch MC being cursed to stay within a painting for hundreds of years was pretty unique. I can’t think of another story with that concept. The directing was well-done too. :art:

Obviously, I love Black Heliconia. One of a kind. I haven’t seen any other afrofuturism stories on the app - which is due in no small part to a lack of workable portal assets. I think the story has strong plot, strong characters, strong visuals. I’m pleased to have beta read for it and helped with a couple other things. :black_heart:


Ahhh, thank you all so much for your kind words about my story :pleading_face: I’m honored to be on a shelf alongside all these very talented authors- my exact reaction when I saw I’d made it was “no f*cking way”, which yes, is a good reaction from me :joy::sob: But I’m so grateful for the opportunity and have been so overwhelmed by all the nice messages. I’ll definitely be checking out the other stories soon, especially Black Heliconia since it’s been on my list and I’ve heard amazing, amazing things about it. I’m also intrigued Afterlife and My Favorite Hello :sparkling_heart:

Once again, thank you! I hope anyone who decides to check Art-Ache out enjoys :heartbeat:


It’s been a couple of days, and I’m still blown away by the news. I am so thankful for every single person who has taken the time to read my story, and reach out to me, it really does mean the absolute world to me. And thank you to everyone else on this thread who has expressed their love and support for BH. :yellow_heart:

I’ve read Art-Ache during the contest period, and I’m so glad to see it on a shelf! It’s a well written story, with a unique plot that I’m looking forward to exploring further!

AFTERLIFE is also one that I’ve been needing to read. A couple days before this shelf was announced, I was scrolling through @amberose’s recommended shelf in-app, because who doesn’t? And this was one of the stories I saved for later reading so I’m looking forward to diving into this one as well.

Congratulations to all the other authors as well!! :sparkles::crescent_moon::sunflower:


I’m back just to say, Art-Ache is incredible! The directing is flawless and I have become very attached to the characters! By far my favorite story on this shelf! <3

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Art-Ache is really good, and Folk Devils ain’t that bad either


Art-Ache is really awesome! I’m waiting for more chapters to come :heart:

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