Let’s talk about... Bad Girls!

I don’t really have anything to add lie, but I will add it later since the title speaks for itself, but if anyone cares: I love this shelf :yay: What about you?


Thank you so much! :heart:

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I’ve read three of these :grin:

Scottsville High’s Most Wanted by @AndreaH Annie, you tagged the wrong one is probably one of my favourite stories from last year. I just think it’s such a cute and light hearted story. I love the level of interactivity with how you piece together the case. I really can’t wait for more updates :smile:

I read Greenmore only a few weeks ago. Actually I read it when the overlay glitch first started happening which was kind of silly of me since there is so much overlay use and advance directing. Despite that though, I still enjoyed it and the overlay thing didn’t bother me that much. I think it’s a very interesting story line and considering what the mystery is about, it’s a good fit for the shelf.

The last one I’ve read was Fixation and my mouth is still idle_jawdrop from that ending and I feel like that’s all I can comment without spoiling it :woozy_face:


Thanks :woman_facepalming:

I’ve read the same stories as you, and I agree with everything you said.
I also read the first few chapters of Bad To The Bone a long, long time ago, when the H&V contest was ongoing. I remember that it was one of the most unique stories I’ve ever seen, so now that I see it on the shelf, I might as well catch up with it sometime.

One more thing I wanted to add:
Lately I’ve been trying to put less popular stories into my recommendation list, but Episode keeps featuring my favourites almost every week :partying_face: So I have to remove stories and keep reading new ones all the time :sweat_smile: But this is awesome, and I hope that some stories on this shelf will take off too :disco:


Wait… is this a new shelf?

Quickly goes to Episode to check it out :running_woman:




PS: Nessya is faint

I started Psychotic Lover a while ago before my life went from normal hectic to insanely hectic.

It tackles some menthal issues and above all it fits the shelf, the MC doesn’t let anyone mess with her and does her best to fight back.

I will catch up with it and other stories from the shelf soon If I am able to clean my favourites…


Has anyone read Ruthless Doll by @queencath ? I just love it !!


I’m doing a happy dance that, that was your reaction to Fixation :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I started Ruthless Doll.
I’m only at the beginning, I liked the information about Russian Mafia.
And I’m quite interested in watching the MC’s development for now she is too lovely for her position, not a bad thing, though

Also To Catch a Criminal has been in my list for some time :thinking:


Oooh…To Catch a criminal is ink, isn’t it?


It’s funny to see Fixation on this particular shelf, haha. But, I read it and I love it. I can see how it fits, but it is still weird :joy:

I also read Greenmore. The same thing I said above applies here as well. I think Greenmore would have fit better on the upcoming shelf they just announced. But, that is irrelevant. I read both Fixation and Greenmore and I loved reading them even though the ending of Fixation made my skin crawl, hahahah.


Yes @Frey it’s in ink.

So today has been a good day so I have thoughts about another one.

To Catch a Criminal, it fits the shelf, a criminal MC that used to a special officer. With deep characters, it’s an action story like a puzzle with lots of unanswered questions but with little bits of backstory that make things clear, which means you are left slightly in the dark. That makes a curious person like me want to continue.

The most important comment is in order:
Congratulations to all authors :wink:


Lol, yeah it fits if you play the female branch, but still not what you’d expect to be chosen for a shelf of this theme :rofl:
Delighted the ending made your skin crawl though. My work is done :sunglasses::rofl:


Hahaha you know I love Fixation but I thought Reality would have been better for this shelf :sweat_smile:


Agree 100%. Reality would have been perfect :rofl: but I’m not going to grumble. I’m delighted Fixation is there.


@Sydney_H, please close this :slightly_smiling_face:


Closed by OP request, :smiley: