Let’s Talk About... Diversity, Opinions and Flagging

Ok. So recently I’ve been seeing a lot of this happening within the Community. And I think we should address it, without being shut up. So go crazy, rant, and express your opinions… I’ll join y’all.


Its annoying and disheartening. Episodes preaches diversity and shutsdown when we try to speak on the forums. Ppl who troll keep getting to do it no one does anything about them. Only when POC defend themselves is the thread shutdown or ppl flagged…the rude ppl who start it…are never dealt with and when the threads reopend the trolls just do it again v.v


This is so true and it’s ridiculous, yet people don’t acknowledge it. The main ones that don’t are usually the non-POC, basically showing their privilege since they can say whatever they want but we get harmed or silenced instead of them.


And it’s the same people, over and OVER AGAIN! Trump supporter. Selfish. Rude. Disrespectful towards POC. I’m holding nothing back today.


This one troll, I’m in a PM with her. She had the nerve, the fucking audacity, to belittle me and call me stupid! She needs some facts up in that brain of hers!


the truth^

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They seem to censor out the oddest things! I think censorship needs to be saved for threats, slander/libel, racial slurs, and sexual harassment.


I get people have opinions, but is it so hard for them to express them in a way that isn’t hostile or literally insulting? It’s like people don’t know how to be civil and just start a conversation, you know?


Closed as this is a duplicate of multiple topics. To discuss diversity: Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards. To discuss flagging: The difference between fair silencing and unfair.