Let’s Talk about ... Electric Love (featured) by Astrid (now called French Kiss)

Ok, why was the date situation taken way out of proportion. Like episode was just desperate to add drama. Like the MC runs away crying after the LI approaches her because the LI was nervous and she blames herself. This plot doesn’t make sense to me if a date goes bad because the other is nervous who would blame themselves?


To be fair, when I was in Paris most people I met knew English. The further you get out of the cities, though, the fewer people that know English.


So the story is actually out to the public now. Thoughts?

Hopefully Episode fixed that up, because it’s embarrassing



Ahhh the outfits are cool in this story, I wish episode released them a girl can wish ya’know

It’s good to hear. Still, it is slightly weird to see the only spoken French used in a few scenes. If the choice to learn French isn’t gem-locked, it would be interesting to read and see MC grow.

And up til now, I’m still salty Episode didn’t give MC a cuter default outfit. I am kinda aware this is supposed to look like the original’s cover, but it doesn’t excuse Episode just leaving MC with the neckerchief and thigh highs.

They could at least add a jacket. I mean when I was is Paris it was raining a lot so she must be absolutely freezing.

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Exactly. She just wears that most, the cute sweater blazer thing is second. I mean I would rather wear that all the time than that :sweat_smile:

By seeing the screenshots you posted, I think it looks very very similar to Emily In Paris :grimacing:

The vibes are just so similar, down to MC being the best designer ever without developing much (at least without gems). I think the original was published way before Emily in Paris was a thing though.

Both are so awkward still.


Late to this thread but I’m reading the story now and I think the plot is interesting enough. The annoying thing is I chose the female LI branch and, like most Episode featured, there’s lots of mistakes in pronouns and names because the female LI has been called “Blue” (I’m guessing this is the male LI) and “him” quite often. Just carelessness in the female branch.

Also the screenshot @/bakedpotato showed before of the LI in a swimsuit all day didn’t get fixed lol which was weird.


Yeah, this happens a lot, I have even seen female pronouns in the male branches. I try to ignore it just to get the reward at the end and the screenshots for the wishlist. :woman_facepalming:


It’s just super annoying especially on an Episode featured story bc it has way more people it passes by (I’m assuming). But yeah I just take my gem and go lol