Let’s Talk About.....Episode’s Featured Version of Uppercut (originally by Ana Stacy)

So I didn’t even realize this story had been featured but I found it today so.

First things first - Episode and their raceswapping.
This is the default MC Vanessa in the original community version:

And here is the default MC in the Featured Version

But that’s not all! I’m playing the female LI branch and here’s the default LI Nadine in the community version

And the default LI in the featured version:

And you have to pay gems if you want her the keep the ombré hair and have a tattoo lol. Please stop with this nonsense. I’m over the diversity clout.

Which brings me to the first meeting of MC and LI. Iirc in the original, the MC Vanessa first meets Nadine on the subway after trying and failing to find a new job after she’s been laid off. She has general thoughts about missing someone sExuALLy and then notices Vanessa and thinks she’s attractive. Then Vanessa kind of makes fun of herself for having such a weird inner monologue. But they officially meet when someone tries to steal Vanessa’s bag and starts running away. Nadine notices and goes to help her but sees that the MC has already punched the guy and taken her bag back. Unnecessary? Probably lol. But that’s what prompts Nadine to ask Vanessa about coming to fight in her boxing gym, which is undergoing financial hardship so they need to win the championship to secure funds and status, etc etc.

Anyway, here’s their first meeting in the Featured version:

For clarity, since the speech bubbles aren’t great: the LI Nadine is the one with orange hair and the MC (who I named Space Jam) is the one with the grayish straight tucked hair.

??? Nadine comes into the coffee shop where Vanessa works (just before she gets laid off) and Vanessa spills coffee on her. Which prompts Nadine to just TAKE HER SHIRT OFF in the middle of a coffee shop!!! And MC and everyone else just stare and creep on her?? And you have to pay gems to help her. I didn’t, so Nadine said she was going to a meeting with the bank with a stain on her shirt, but then thanked the MC anyway. So I don’t understand what’s happening here but I am Extrmely Uncomfortable.

This is just the first few minutes. I was going to make a thread after I finished the first episode but this is too bizarre that I just had to talk about it.

Anyone else read this? What are your thoughts?


Okay, I was a little bit confused since almost everyone is behind the pastry counter, but Christ that is one convoluted meet-cute.
I mean, usually you would try to get a towel, but no, these LIs just want to take out their shirt


I like the dye colors.


Omg so they did keep the original meeting too. But in the morning when the MC is getting dressed to go apply for jobs:

So they kept the message from the original about it being the outfit you meet the LI in, despite already having met her. But they want you to pay gems for these outfits. N o w a y. So I picked the casual option obviously lol.

Which brings me to their actual encounter on the subway.

So they did acknowledge that you’ve already met her lol. The same kind of inner monologue happens but then of course there’s a gem choice for your “first impression” lol. And since I didn’t make the gem choice, she just told me she gOT the stain out. Even though the story made it sound like I helped her earlier. I really…don’t know.

Then there’s the guy stealing MC’s bag and she chases after him. And there’s a choice to…I can’t remember exactly but it’s basically like do nothing or “teach him a lesson” which wasn’t a gem choice. So the MC starts yelling at him and he’s like “ooHhHhooHh whaT are yOU goNNa dO? Wait for sOmeOne to saVe yOu???” And i thought she would just take the bag back since that’s kind of t he point in the original but nope

So if you don’t want to pay gems you have to be meek and silent while the LI is “watching” so I’m guessing she will ~save~ the MC anyway. But we’ll see. I didn’t choose yet.


Because…women just rip their shirts off when strangers pour coffee on them… that seems legit.

More to the point: Why is everyone behind the counter giving that creep-tastic bite_finger_sexy animation?


Oh I forgot - when she’s talking with her friend Sasha after getting laid off, Sasha says she’s moving back home and that it was her plan to leave next month. Her goal is to open her own restaurant which she can do anywhere and her parents understand her wanting to move back to her hometown.

In the featured version, they added in Sasha’s mom being sick for some reason while also being rich property owners??? Who can offer MC a luxury apartment for free if she agrees to take care of it. I guess that’s why they made her mom sick, since it wouldn’t make sense for her to move back home for financial reasons if her parents were rich lol


It’s episode so apparently adding the creep factor is necessary :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I have to assume it’s poor directing because there’s no reason for all of them to be behind the counter lol. It should be only MC and her friend Sasha since they’re working there. If Nadine actually went behind the counter no wonder she got coffee spilled on her lol


I have a lot to tackle, but even this alone:

I get those scenes where the Mc’s face is not shown yet, but why do we need to see MC’s butt?
And you know those recent weird shots of random passers-by reacting to the ombré hair? This girl is in a nethervoid inside the MC’s house, like WTF


So I chose “stay silent” and this happened lmao. She did end up just punching the guy and taking her purse back on her own though, regardless of gems. There’s another gem choice afterwards to smack talk him after getting the bag back but it’s not worth it Lmao.

But I’m just…imagine being like “I have to get my bag back” and yelling Arrrrggghhh! at someone loool


The cover is oddly scary but cute

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They’re meeting for coffee to talk about MC joining Nadine’s fighting team, but I don’t know what this weird horny narration at the end of the meeting is there for.

“She’s so determined. Gumption. So inspiring.” Omg please help me I cannot stop laughing


So for some reason, when I don’t choose to help Noah, he just wears one of the coffee shirts (which is not the brand of the cafe MC worked in) and not the actual shirt?
Plus, I don’t get it. Episode is shown in the past to have accented letters, but they just let a cafe be called a Caf twice in a row

How is lamenting that your friend isn’t going to be around ‘getting attached to people quickly’? We’re already friends …

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It’s weird. In the female LI branch, Nadine puts her own shirt back on but in her flashback (I’m so 2) of what happened, she’s wearing this:

So I guess they just didn’t code the outfit change in episode 1 lol

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I noticed this in another story ahem, Crossing the Line, ahem too. For some reason the MC switches clothes between chapters too

I love Ana Stacy’s stories but… Is this even hers? :sob: It’s too ridiculous :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I actually like most of Ana Stacey’s stories, but Uppercut is one I haven’t really read. I guess the boxing thing wasn’t a big draw for me. So in a weird way I almost rather prefer they feature this one over most of her others because I’ll be less likely to notice the changes. I don’t have the featured version on my app yet.


Does this story not have gem clothes? Also, lmao @hibiscusgravy I make my characters look the same way :skull:

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I can name a bunch of scenarios where that happens in various Episode featured stories. Disgusting. Nobody with brain cells would even imagine taking their shirt off in front of random strangers in a coffee shop. Like that’s not confidence or sexiness that’s just plain weird and kinda daredevil. Who in their right mind would do that


Yo like we just met her for a few minutes for a cup of coffee and we’re already treating her like a life partner. Where tf is the determination gumption and inspiration like lord help me. So if she takes her shirt off it means she’s inspiring. Yeah.
This is why you shouldn’t follow Episode featured stories kids

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There is a clothing gem choice for athletic wear in the second chapter, which is all I’ve read through right now. But most of the gem choices so far aren’t clothing related. Except in the beginning when they you to pay gems for stuff we already have lol