Let’s talk about... February Picks!

I really thought that Episode forgot about this shelf, or they skipped it intentionally for some reason, but here it is :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Secret of Changes by Rushay
  • A Game Of Fate by @Aquamarine1
  • What Happens In Paris by @MaiasDesires
  • K&T: Timeless by Sherice Joy
  • The Traveller by Abby Taylor @abbytlr

So what have you read?


I read The Traveller when it was a Clue contest entry, and I really enjoyed it. The directing is great, the characters are pretty diverse, the only reason why I didn’t really expect it to win was that I felt the main focus of the story was romance, so I wasn’t quite sure it fit the theme. But anyway, I liked that the story is set in another era and I liked the author‘s approach on the “rich guy falling for the poor girl” trope, so I’m glad to see it on a shelf.


I haven’t read any of them so far, but the descriptions of Again and What Happens In Paris both sound interesting, so I might start there :grin:


If I can set my self straight, I will go on reading spree and will come back :sweat_smile:
Congratulations to all authors :smiley:

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honestly, AGAIN deserved this like no other. It’s been such a long time coming for this absolute gem to get the recognition it needs. FINALLY :star_struck: :clap: :clap: :heart_eyes:


I’m so happy AGAIN made it on the shelf! It truly deserves it. :heart:

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While I was happy to see that all the stories were quite low on reads (I believe 4 had <1k at the time of being featured and 1 even had <100), a couple stories on the shelf look like they haven’t been updated in months and one author appears to have been inactive since July. I’m really curious how Editor’s picks are chosen as I used to assume that “February picks” meant stories that did well in February :woman_shrugging:t4:

But congrats to the authors. It is nice to see an editor’s pick shelf full of hidden gems.


I always assumed it was retention too, but now I think that the team which reviews stories for shelves just puts their favourite that they reviewed that month :joy:

There was also one in last month’s picks which was updated in over a year


@Sydney_H please close this. Thanks!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: