Let’s talk about... For The Fam!

Stories on this shelf:

Have you read any of these? What did you like about it? Does it fit the shelf? Will I ever stop
asking these repetitive questions?


I read You vs Them. What I liked most about the story is the realistic dialogue and how everything felt natural. I’m very far behind on the story, so I can’t say much lol. I say this about every damn story. :woman_shrugging:t4:

The million-dollar question.

This was my face as I was typing this lol.


Friggin love “Have you seen monday?” by @Rubyllee, She knows what’s good


I decided to read African Dream before I post, because it looked so interesting just by the cover and the description. I wasn’t wrong, I really enjoyed it. It’s such a cute short story and definitely a great choice for this shelf.

The other story I read is Have You Seen Monday? and I’m so glad to see it featured. This is easily one of the most unique concepts I’ve ever seen on Episode. Great characters and great comedy written by a lovely author who never misses to say ‘thank you’ when I recommend the story :kissing_heart: And I do that a lot :smiley: Congrats Ruby!


I’m glad you loved African Dream, the authors are my friends and I really enjoyed it as well :grin: I made the large cover and Instagram outro for them :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I had read You Vs. Them a while back, liked how realistic it was, need to catch up


:sob::two_hearts::two_hearts: I can’t thank you enough for your strong support! Monday and the week celebrating behind me :grin:

@miss.mv thank you for reading!! :grinning::pray:t2:


u literal goddess, i can’t :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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I read African Dream by Charlie and Fi back when it was a contest entry. I really enjoyed it. It’s a short, complete story and it’s very family focused so it definitely fits the shelf.

I just started reading Sharp Daggers and so far I’d definitely recommend it. In fact, I’m about to add it to my recommendations on the app. It fits the shelf.


Hi :smile:
I agree with what has been said about African Dream it definitely fits the shelf, I still have to read the last episode but it puts things in perspective and it’s awesome.
I intend to start Ohana you already know I’m weak to completed stories :joy: and come back in 2 or 3 days


I’ve read two of these: Honey Bee and Have You Seen Monday?

Honey Bee is not usually the type of story I would go for, but it caught my eye because it sounded like a bit of a twist on the pregnancy cliche and lol, I was not disappointed. There’s a lot of drama in this story, things I don’t ever anticipate, directing’s great and updates are pretty regular too :slight_smile:

Have You Seen Monday? is one of thee most wholesome stories on the app :angel:
It’s such a well thought through idea and I feel like when you get to the end of it, the moral of the story is really clear and there’s a great message for readers to take away from it. Very good fit for the shelf, some hilarious characterization. Who would have thought the days of the week could be personified so well? :sweat_smile:


I haven’t started Honey Bee but I read the story about MC’s daughter so I intend to do it soon.

About Ohana, the story gives a feeling of having returning home, what’s good a way to play with the title that means Home in Hawaiian, in the sense of being the place you’re happy, protected and another positive things. I know that because of Lilo&Stitch, like who said you can’t learn things from cartoons :smirk:

The MC had a rough time at the start of the story but she was received back at home by supportive family and friends with the usual drama of LI having b*tchy girlfriend and family playing match makers.


So one of my favorite people on the app got featured this week! Have You Seen Monday? By Ruby is such a freaking gem and so wholesome and wonderful and we honestly don’t deserve this story. Ruby’s sense of humor is a fresh of breath air, and it’s something I enjoy thoroughly! I wish there were more out there on the app with her sense of humor. It’s something I know I can read after a long day and instantly feel lighter. It just gives you all the warm fuzzies and feelings of happiness.

I’m so excited that Episode has finally featured this story! And it couldn’t be for a more perfect shelf.


:sob::sob: Thank you so much Amber! :sparkling_heart: My heart is swelling with love! :rose: If not for your constant support, Monday will not be so lucky. Sending you my heartfelt appreciation and love! :hugs:

@MoonW13 Awww Moon, there is too much kindness in your words, my heart can’t take it! :sneezing_face::heart::heart: Thank you for being there for me since the beginning. ~hug your leg and cry~ :sob:


@Sydney_H, please close this :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!


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