Let’s talk about... Holiday Spirit!

In @amberose’s thread we discussed that we don’t know a lot of stories that fit the holiday season.
But looks like it worked out in the end:

So what have you read? :eyes:

  • Meek and the Bold by @ksenia.stories
  • Jack Frost by Reese <3
  • A Christmas Tale by @Catside
  • Winter Axiom: Parallel by Lauren
  • My Soldier Messenger by @ClareABella
  • Almost a Christmas Miracle by @stevieQ
  • Christmas Joy by Ash. episode
  • Heartfrozen by @P.M

And did anyone notice that all of these stories have less than 20K reads? :star_struck:

Congratulations to the authors and happy holidays to everyone! :christmas_tree::gift::sparkles:


I only read Winter Axiom: Parallel and I’m so happy that it got featured, it’s totally deserved! I’ve also heard a lot of positive reactions about Under the Mistletoe so I’m curious to read that as well :grin:
Congrats to all the authors by the way!


Congrats to all authors, and happy holidays :partying_face: :snowflake: What a perfect timing for the shelf, being the season and all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And I’ll try to check out a few of them :santa: :christmas_tree:


Congratulations to all authors :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I read Christmas Joy, it’s an awesome short story that teaches a great lesson or at least reminds you of what is important. It definitely fits the shelf


I’ve read two of these :stuck_out_tongue:

The first was Winter Axiom, which I read a couple of months ago. Directing was good, I felt that choices mattered a lot. Even though it’s a short story, it’s very well developed and didn’t feel rushed or anything so I’d recommend to anyone who’s just looking for something quick to read.

The other one I have read was Heartfrozen by @PatreeceM which I really enjoyed. I’ve read some of her other stories and her writing just reminds me so much of the old ink days that I get nostalgic lol. This one is also a short story and complete, but still very well developed. Perfect to read around the holiday time and there’s some cute and wholesome messages to learn from this story :blush:

Also, just realizing now that both these stories are male POVs :eyes:


I had already put them on long long long list of stories to read :sweat_smile:
But it’s fantastic to know. :nerd_face:
And bookmarking this thread before I forget :roll_eyes:


Oh my gosh thank you :’) this is the cutest thing. I really appreciate your kind words!! <3


Aww :pleading_face: :heart: thank you


Please close this @Sydney_H, and thanks!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: