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The contest winners have been announced, and we have so many winners :open_mouth: Congrats everyone! Questions to readers: What have you read? What was your favourite concept? What else grabbed your attention on this shelf?

K&T: The Clumsy Super Girl by @Marion

K&T: The Gamer Girl by @wincyyellow

K&T: Prince’s Lips by @MargoVincent
K&T: The Christmas Affair by @epy.kalea
K&T: Times Square by @janinestories
K&T: Angel Lips by @episodes_bylex
K&T: Cursed Heart by @amepisode
K&T: His Majesty by @Mavis
K&T: Lexington by @thelastrosepetal023
K&T: The Heiress by @Baleigh_episode
K&T: His Secret by @Nadi_Episode
K&T: Tangled in Time by @AnaEpisode1
K&T: Smooth Tongue by @Bithi
K&T: COBRA by @episode.maeve
K&T: Office Shenanigans by @anavstories


I didn’t read many contest entries, so the only one of these I have read is The Clumsy Super Girl. It was cute. A little cringe at times, but I sorta expected that with the title. I played with a female love interest and I didn’t notice any pronoun errors or awkward-looking height differences which is so much more than I can say for a lot of the other entries I read that offered love interest gender choice. And even though art scenes are not my thing, it was nice to see that the female love interest play through had them and that the intro was also changed to reflect my choice too.


I’ve read a prince’s lips, his majesty, lexington, the heiress, smooth tongue, angel lips and the gamer girl.
I actually enjoyed all that I’ve read despite me not liking this theme in the beginning. I can’t pick a favourite from the ones I’ve read as they all contained things that I usually look for when looking for a new story to read. I loved that each story had a lot of choices and the choices were not meaningless. I’ve saved around 2 stories that I do plan to read when I get the chance to.
Congratulations to all the winners!! And even none winners as there were more stories that didn’t win the contest but I liked and enjoyed.


I have read some of the contest entries but didn’t have enough time to check all. I may check some this week.

Congratulations to all authors :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you! I didn’t read many, but from the winners’ list, I actually read quite a few haha. I truly loved The Gamer Girl by @wincyyellow, because it intrigued me from the start. I’m a gamer girl myself and I love how she brought it to life with her story. @amepisode aced her entry in my opinion. I love how lovely it is, especially for her standards. But knowing Amanda, the danger is lurking around the corner. I also adored Lexington! Love the time setting, very unique!


I’ve read quite a few entries so I was surprised to see that I barely read anything from the shelf, but that’s probably because I started with the stories that had less reads, and I never got to read the popular ones.

One of my favourite entries made it to the shelf though, and it’s His Secret. Since I was not fond of the theme in general, I was looking for unique concepts, and this story definitely met my expectations. The MC, who is the most popular guy in the school, goes unpopular overnight, and while I can’t say much without spoiling it, this whole idea is great, and something I don’t remember having seen before.


Out of the 17, I think I read eight of them. Congrats to the winners, even most of them I didn’t expect.


I actually read 4 of the winners and really enjoyed them all!

Lexington by @melo.episode was amazing and I was really glad to see another period/historical based story up there as well. The concept of the story is so unique as well.
I was pleasantly surprised to see Smooth Tongue by @Bithi there. The sci-fi aspects were honestly so entertaining to me and I really enjoyed the story.
Tangled in Time is amazing as well. I really like the premise and I think @AnaEpisode1 has done a really great job of creating a story with great characters and directing.
Angel Lips is great as well! It was so nice to be able to read more from @episodes_bylex because I always really enjoy her writing and characters. And this story is no exception!

I’m hoping to read the others soon too. :crossed_fingers:


His secret has so much potential to be THAT coming of age queer story, but the writing style is kind of shallow and lacks depth when it comes to the storytelling. I enjoy the templates and art direction though.

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Probably out of all of them I’m most Glad about Times Square. It’s a really engaging story, plus it references that classic WW2 picture which goes overall with the lighthearted tone


I’ve been awful about reading since I’ve been trying to update as often as I can while on the shelf, but I read an episode of Prince’s Lips and enjoyed it. I also read an episode of Office Shenanigans and thought it was pretty alright. I’m hoping to read more of both though so I can form a better opinion. :sweat_smile::joy:


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