Let’s Talk about ... LadyDianna’s OMG I Kissed a Superstar (I know)

You know it’s gonna be juicy when the main leads are racebent :upside_down_face:.

Even though I read the original, I only know it from the first chapter. It was an entry for the Kiss and Tell contest, so the premise can be gleaned that shenanigans and drama come from MC and LI kissing. And, uh, the kiss was an interesting to say the least.




I actually read the original. I didn’t mind it- it’s one of those super-easy-read stories. Very lighthearted. I found it short and binge-y and I actually did think it seemed like a featured story while I was reading it lol. Apparently Episode agreed :joy:

I’m curious to see how much they changed since the original version is already only 12 chapters (which the recent featured community stories have been).


At least the ombré hairstyle(S) is one of the better looking ones


The first one though :pleading_face:

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Dude! Read the original, it’s much better :heart_eyes:

I’m so confused, why does this jumpsuit cost gems?


Well well well…

They really want us to pay for this?

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It’s relatively cheap, but it’s so disappointing. I haven’t seen the shoes yet but they have to be Uber spectacular for this to work.

On the bright side (I Guess), the MC isn’t very drunk in this scene. In the original, I think she was Super intoxicated so I’m Glad this version doesn’t have her as … aggressive and impaired.


Edit: Nevermind, she still acts like she’s severely drunk even though she had one drink of scotch. I’m so confused why Roy would kiss her back too if he’s suppose to only kiss the girl he’s gonna marry next in public. Nicole (MC) even fainted just afterwards.

(Like IDK, if this scene is supposed to not have MC as drunk as the original, it should have been obvious she was hamming it up for her ex, like cut back and forth between her and ex’s reactions. And then instead of her fainting, make it so she is still being chased by security, maybe because they think she may have stolen something even though she didn’t. Like this should have been a better scene overall.)

Edit Edit

Edit edit: reading the original, there is actually a choice on how much you drink, and the ‘Drink once’ choice actually makes sense. So why the heck did Episode only adapt the ‘Drink All’ option when there is a perfectly acceptable alternative FROM THE ORIGINAL? :see_no_evil:

A thing of this story which kinda makes me uncomfortable is that MC is the LI’s unofficial AA partner. I’m the story it states that Roy refused any other help but that doesn’t mean MC should take that place.

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Quick completion, which I Guess it was easy since the original is already 12 chapters

we love that proofreading :eye::lips::eye:



But, seriously is the female LI’s name Remi?

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Indeed :sweat_smile: what’s the guy’s?

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Just Roy. I’m just so confused, like Ray and Rae are perfectly good names.
Remi isn’t even an actual girl’s name :joy:

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they probably just thought they were gonna be sued by Addison Rae-

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Maybe lol

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