Let’s Talk about ... LadyDianna’s OMG I Kissed a Superstar (I know)

This story has a certain motif but I can’t put my finger on it. :sweat_smile::sweat:

Also, why are the chapter descriptions so vague?

So this story also has one of my pet peeves of the plot changing MC’s hair for reasons and then you being not able to recustomise it. At least Episode could have done the Preview/unpreview commands so that readers would be less disappointed.

This is the original or featured one?

The featured, but I have to assume this is from the original too since I haven’t read far in the original

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Correction: turns out there was a LI Gender choice in the original too, so Remi and Roy were the names from the start, making way much less sense lmao

Also, for the life of me, can’t MC use a different accessory to cover her head? Her hair is already changed :roll_eyes:

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Highlight reel of pain:

le festin intensifies