Let’s talk about... Meant to Be!

This shelf is about soulmates and relationships bound by fate.

What have you read? Why did you like it? Does it fit the theme? Any other stories that grabbed your attention?


I still can’t believe I got featured :joy: can’t wait to check the others as well^^


I think I told you already that I love your story, but I will tell the others too, and hopefully they will check it out :blush:

I was really hoping to see The stars have colors on this shelf because it fits perfectly, the concept is very unique, and the story is amazingly written. There are not many romance stories that I genuinely enjoy, but this one is definitely one of them. Honestly this is the type of romance story that I would love to see in the trending, so I hope it will stay there for a long time.

I just read Blurred Together since it was already in my reading list, and this story is a great fit for the shelf, too. I really appreciate short stories, because it takes great writing skills to tell a story in just three episodes, and make it well executed. I think the author did a great job with this, and I loved the open ending.


Congrats to all authors, a few of them have been on my reading list for some time, I’ll get to reading them soon :joy: :heart: I’m also excited to check out the other ones on this shelf :partying_face: :tada:


I’ve read 5 for these! I’m very happy they finally featured Changes its perfect for the shelf :partying_face:


If you like short stories you’ll enjoy Speed Dating too. 3 chapters, completed very cute and funny :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :relaxed:


My reading list is growing by the day :laughing:

The only one I’ve read is Deus Ex Machina, which I can never recommend enough :yay: It’s a mix of mythologies and creeds, interwoven into a fresh urban fantasy adventure. I love the characters so much.

Congratulations! :tada:


Same :sweat_smile: But this means Episode has been doing a good job with selecting these stories :+1:


I started Deus Ex-Machina thanks to @Spiegel.TheMirror
And I’m in love with it because it has mythology :smirk:
In my opinion, it fits the shelf because Meant to Be isn’t really only about romance, it can be related to a lucky/unlucky chosen one too.

I’ve read Changes, a awesome short story for me any story with less than 20 episodes is short :see_no_evil:

It has relationship that starts a little fast but they face real drama together like issues with fertility and others no b*tchy ex from what I remember.

Also Congratulations to all authors :partying_face:


I’ve read changes a while back. Glad to see it made a shelf, the story is so wholesome.

I started Blurred Together a few days ago. It’s a good read. I need to read the rest, though. Haha

I read Euphoric Mistakes and the story is so amazing! It deserves all the new reads it will get. All of lupes stories are amazing. So, I was so happy to see this story make a shelf. :blob_hearts:


Stooop! Why are you describing it better than I ever could? I don’t deserve you! :two_hearts:

Thank you, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! :blush: @Spiegel.TheMirror is such a sweetheart!
I can’t believe I made the shelf either, but I’m glad you think it fits the theme!


Couldn’t agree more! Hard-working writers who deserve some credit (and fun stories for us!) :star_struck:

And it was really appreciated! :blob_hearts:

Well put!

@sorceress This is just the beginning :smirk:


Currently reading this story. I am really enjoying it so far (only 4 episodes in). I’m not 100% sure it “fits the theme” since I’m only 1/4 of the way through but I like what I’ve seen so far. The one thing I’ve enjoyed most about it so far is that it isn’t all about the romance. It has a girl that has a complicated and tough life just trying to make the best of it and take care of her family. There’s a romantic vibe to her relationship with the love interest but it’s not in your face " He’s so hot and rich and i’m in love after two minutes" thing that I’ve noticed a lot of romance stories have.


Ahhh, thank you so much! :pleading_face: It really means a lot :hearts:

Before the shelf went up, I had read three stories (Changes, Last Moments, & Speed Dating). I really loved all of them. In retrospect, all stories written by those authors are worth reading. I’ll start the others when I find some time to, but those three definitely deserve and fit the shelf theme. :blob_hearts:


I’ve read three of these.

The first is The stars have colors, which I love. It’s such a unique concept and I just think the characters are really likeable. I got the shock of my life being able to fully customize in the last episode! :scream: Also, I have no idea how much effort it takes to re-color all the backgrounds for this story, but I have mad respect for @shaharPie going the extra mile to do so. It must have been so tedious!

I also read Blurred Together by Gen Matthews. The directing was great and I really loved how she used the filter throughout the whole story. It’s a nice, well rounded short story, so would recommend.

And finally, I read Deus Ex Machina. This was after the shelf went up. Tbh I didn’t even read the description going into it because I read Livia’s other story and I liked it so much that I just went on to assume I would like this one and I did :joy: But I got the shock of my life when I agreed to the deal without pressing for more information first, lol. I know it’s adventure, and don’t get me wrong, it does feel like an adventure, but it also made me laugh more than most comedy stories do too :laughing:


I came back @Annieways :yay:
So I started Speed Dating and it got me laughing a lot.
The dilemma regarding a memento and fateful meeting with your loved one with a LI that knows how to catch the “curving balls” that life throws in her away vs a clueless and indecisive male MC :rofl:
The way it is directed complements the story and the author pays attention to details. Also a different way of introducing a biker which super cool
Congrats @theeloquentwriter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


First of all, congratulations to all the authors! :heart_eyes::blue_heart: It’s an honour being featured with such wonderful gems! I can’t wait to read these!
I would also like to thank everyone for the endless love and support! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here but I’m truly touched. :sparkles:


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love you​:weary::blue_heart:You’re the best ok​:triumph::sparkles:


You’re too kind! Thank you so much​:blue_heart::sparkles:I truly appreciate it!



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