Let’s Talk About ... My Sister’s Crush, new featured story

So as usual [strike] I obsess over the LL Wish List [/strike] I am curious about new stories popping up, and this one is featured on the author’s profile. Her previous Featured story Bad Boy Roommate … was an interesting read if I do say so myself and I haven’t read the original so I’m not sure what to think about this one.

Anyone who wants to, share down below about what you think.


Well, I loooved the original version, didn’t notice that there’s an episode version, will definitely check it out, since it has probably loadsss of cool clothes!


I’m proud of her for getting another story featured, I started reading when the original first came out!


Uh, the description sounds like a makeover story… Is it one? :grimacing:


It seems like one

Top picture probably is MC, the rest is the girl in glasses because of course


You know. I try to give stories the benefit of the doubt. But, I already expressed how offensive makeover stories are. So, I’ll be sitting this one out. But, the clothes are cute, I give it that.


God, I beta tested this story and it is probably the one that makes me want to Hulk Smash my phone the most. The sister is a huge c*nt, the mother kisses her daughters a$$ so much that she should just super glue her lips to her daughters a$$.


Ok I’ve never read the original version and I’ve only read the first episode of this featured version (which was way too long lol). And uh. Big Yike.

First: generic “racially ambiguous” MC. Though she doesn’t have blue eyes this time so I’m sure we’re supposed to see that as progress.


Then we get generic Cool Girl™️ with this line:

And THEN her sister slaps her in the face and says “you know you MADE me do that” WTAF??? Very cool of episode to promote gaslighting in a featured story. So their whole relationship seems straight up abusive. It starts off as just the sister being abusive and awful but I’m guessing part of the MC’s makeover is now she’s mean and abusive too and they just have a mutually toxic relationship. We were definitely missing that on this platform!!!

Then they go to the sisters bfs friends house to hang out and smoke weed. But the most ridiculous thing is when the LI offers to drive the MC to school on their motorcycle after getting high. Wtf??? Community authors have had to take out scenes where you can see characters take psych meds bc it promotes drug use & here they are acting like it’s fine to drive under the influence??

It is a gem choice though, which I opted out of. Still seems bizarre to even include an option for high school kids to drive under the influence. Idek about smoking weed but the driving thing does not sit well at all.

I played with the female LI named Haley. I’m guessing the male LI is Harley. Here’s a bunch of name / pronoun errors

female LI branch errors

There’s another one where the LI shows up at their house and the sister calls her “Harley” but I thought it was just a typo. Now I realise it’s poor proof reading for the female branch, as always

Random glitch:

Lmao, overall there’s no way I can bring myself to read another episode of this :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


If you’re talking about Don’t call me angel with the racially ambiguous I think they’re Hispanic because the mother kept saying “Santa Maria”

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I’m talking about the general trend of turning main characters & LIs a few shades darker for diversity clout. But I just checked the original of my sisters crush and it’s the same MC, so I reckon they didn’t need to change her. Also explains why her eyes aren’t blue, since normally they take a white & blue eyed MC and / or LI and darken the skin tone while leaving the rest of the features. It’s definitely a larger issue on the app than just the featured stories but those are the ones making money.


Oh ok I mean If the original character was white and got changed the obviously did it for diversity points if they were originally darker skinned its fine I’m actually mad about how every episode story is turning into light skinned black girl is bullied by goth/ blond / rich girl and falls in love with white guy who rides a motorcycle and is a bad boy / girl who doesn’t do anything bad or light skinned black guy/ girl whose sweet and smart but is more of an ass than bad boy/ girl feel like they have a template of characters they switch the stories up occasionally


… yikes :confused:

Wait, so did the characters only say that they are smoking, or was it shown like with overlays …

I Guess that’s what you get when even the description isn’t even gender neutral-ish (why isn’t it hottie instead of hot guy…)


They just used the cig smoking animation, but her sister was like we’re going here bc generic bf’s friend (Haley) is going to smoke us out!!!

I think they didn’t explicitly say it was weed, but we all know what it means to smoke someone up / smoke someone out. And who’s going to ditch school to smoke a cigarette? I dunno. It was very off putting.


Originals are always the best, :sunglasses:


Ikrrrr, they’re just so full of life AND MOST IMPORTANTLY FREE!!!

Tho there are cool outfits for the episode versions


I recommend people read the original version because it paints the MC in a better light. I also don’t understand how episode turn stories into featured ones before the original one is done. Quick Question: When episode turns stories into featured ones do the author’s have any say when they change the narrative sometimes?!




The only reason I still read this Episode story is because I want to punch Olivia so bad and get revenge smh the author did a really good job making her annoying, but the fact that each choice there is a gem choice seriously ticks me off. This isn’t interactive at all! There are legit no choices that are free in the 1st,2nd and 3rd episodes.


I just realised that the CC for MC almost directly translates to the sister … so meh family CC on Episode’s part

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They’re twins so in that context it makes sense to have the same facial features BUT it should probably ask your natural hair color bc we look ridiculous both having dyed hair. The mom looks exactly the same except her hair is brown lol. So it is pretty lazy in that regard. Not really surprising, though haha