Let’s Talk About ... My Sister’s Crush, new featured story

I made sure to stay away from this story ever since I heard Episode thought it was a bright idea to have an abusive mother and sister for some reason. Even just reading the screenshots here has made me anxious, this is not something they should be promoting.

But this. This gets me. Would it kill them to run a quality check before spending money on a story? This is just so lazy and embarrassing. I’ve already given up on the idea of trending community authors paying proper attention to female love interest branches, and it’s pretty much a given that everything is a faulty mess of copy and paste.

But this should not be acceptable for a featured story. Absolutely not.

This is exactly why I only pursue the female love interest when I’m reading stories by authors I trust. :roll_eyes:


Did the original version have a choice?
I didn’t read it, but there have been other stories where the original version didn’t have the choice and I think the Episode team just copied and pasted and that’s why you get weird heights and stuff lol.


To be honest, I don’t know if Episode is even trying to release a proper story anymore. The not-so-funny, and I’m hoping it was just a “prank”, of In My Bed, which was really just a knockoff of My First Everything (a really crappy love story in my opinion), was enough to scare me away, also It Starts With a Bra, but if Episode keeps doing stories like these… :confused:


No, I checked. The original didn’t have the gender choice, but it’s nonetheless ridiculous how quality checks aren’t often with female LI branches


Honestly I hated it and disappointed episode decided to feature it haven’t read the original so only going by this but never seen such emotional abuse by both the mother and the sister.


Damn. Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here watching you rip this story to pieces.


I don’t fuck with the mom, she kinda stupid. Also I wish that Lola and the brothers could just be a friend group. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE FRIENDSHIPS IN EPISODE!!!

Also they high key said fuck Axel we don’t need his ass

The first 3-5 episodes remind me of La Rosa De Guadalupe episodes :rofl:


Although when I keep complaining about this story’s content, I can’t seem to get enough because the only thing that’s keeping me going is awaiting the return and to ruin Olivia’s life. lol I’m weird


People definitely still call others freaks. That was never really slang either.


You kidding me right? How can MC face punishment for simply calling her sister Freak while her family is constantly abusive towards her?


But the story’s point is that there are always evil or stupid people and this is just how the protag deals with it. The sister and the mother are MEANT to make readers crazily angry. The sad thing is that sht like this happens to a lot of people


How do I find the original? Since Episode disabled the profiles for now, I could only search the title up, and they don’t have the LL version there anymore!

That wasn’t what I meant what I mean was that she became a toxic person who made fun of her siisters mental illness and never got and trouble and @episode.jayveon freak is a term for endearment now

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I’m reading My Sister’s Crush (LL). Check it out: http://episodeinteractive.com/r/s/5528801530937344

Only people with android devices are having issues with the profiles. It still works fine on Apple devices

That might be in the original, it is the full story after all.

So do you mean Olivia? The one that verbally abuses her twin, the MC?


And MC abuses her back they are both toxic people and awful MC I’m talking about the featured version not the OG they are very different stories


Now that you think about it that does seem off.

I never read the original, but it’s a featured story so I’m betting that the main character will spend a month away building character and promise war when she gets back, but the choice to actually battle your sister will be locked behind gems.

The entire story will be finished between 3 and 10 more chapters and all the fun choices will not be free, so I will unlock the soul-crushing disappointment ending instead.

During the finale our hero will get the LI, discover that the warden was secretly her father the entire time, she’ll be friends with all the cool people from prison, the enabling mom and evil sister will just go on without her, mom will drown everyone with her tears and beg for reconciliation because she’s finally opened her eyes, and the MC will be able to purchase the option to forgive her, or cut her out of her life completely for free. Morale of the story will be that the family you are born into may be actual human garbage so throw them away and build a much better family instead. The End.(please let me read original stories :pray: )