Let’s talk about... October Picks!

It still feels weird to make these threads, it was @FallenAngelNight13’s thing :cry:

Anyway, congrats to these authors:

You know the drill by now, so hit me with your thoughts


I’ve only actually read Reign and I started Love on Repeat but I’m only on episode one. Reign’s definitely a story I would recommend to basically anyone. I consider it a light read, kind of has a mix of romance, drama, mystery and some comedy and it’s also a story I would recommend for people looking for LGBT options. You get to choose your sexuality, and seriously not once has my female love interest been referred to as a “he” :sweat_smile: which I feel is a problem with a lot of choose sexuality stories


I have read none but 2 of them are complete:
The Offside by @Nodira and Love on Repeat by A. J. MacArthur. You know what that means :joy:
I intending to read the second on next two days as I have time and it only has 8 episodes so super light read :sunglasses:


Congratulations, @piccalilly
I read a bit of Reign, it’s really good and I can definitely see why it’s on October picks shelf! (I’m so far behind LOL. I’m on episode 2. I can’t say much here.) But, the story is really good.

I added Bloodlines to my favorites because I’m a sucker for vampires :smiling_imp: I’m a few minutes in and it seems to be good.


Thank you, @amberose and @LiyahxWrites!

As an LGBTQ reader, wrong pronouns are my pet hate on here :joy:


So, I came back as promised.
I’ve finished Love on Repeat.
8 LI, an episode dedicated to each, a mix of sci-fi, a fantasy branch, LGBT options, redeamable characters.
The MC is a scientist that never gave up on searching her happy ending but learned from her mistakes.
It is cool and refreshing, a good kind of different and great deal of teamwork between 4 authors.

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