Let’s talk about... Pride!

I’m back since we have a new shelf, this time to celebrate Pride Month :prideheart:

What were your favourites and why? What else grabbed your attention?


I read most of the stories here, except for Lost in the Moment, Countdown to Marriage and The Rarity, but I am Glad nonetheless for all of them to be on this shelf especially mine lol.

Minor spoilers ahead:
What Doesn’t Kill Us: this is such an underrated Kiss and Tell entry. I’m such a sucker for love stories that span from childhood to adulthood, no matter how sad they usually are, and this is no exception. I love the message of perseverance and forgiveness too.

Osaka Across Time: wow it’s been a while since I last read this story, but I truly love the setting with its splashes of Japanese culture and mythology and MC’s story. I just remembered the cute doggy character as well :heart_eyes_cat:

Dear Cherie: this and What Doesn’t Kill Us are perfect little short stories. You know, this being the classic robotic helper/friend of MC being overprotective over her and her crush, that’s all. To this day I don’t know how Cherie managed to glitch like that, but the directing is so good.

Through the Well: as someone who has a past on obsessing over fairytale stuff, this is a pleasant surprise. I kinda love the minimalist artstyle and how you can choose enby LIs. The concept of ‘restarting’ your romance is a bit interesting too, though it was a bit confusing when it first happened.

To Feel Alive: oh god, the feels. Blurred Together is such an interesting little read and this being the sequel is no exception. It’s hard to describe it but I just love the atmosphere, how every scene the Two leads are in, it’s like they are in their own world surrounded by their feelings for each other. Just wonderful

I’m really surprised that Cubusome is on the Pride shelf. It’s a story I’m proudest of yet, but it’s just mindboggling to see it among other great LGBT+ stories.
It’s really an honour nevertheless :hugs:.


What Doesn’t Kill Us is an incredible story! I’m a sucker for best friends falling in love and it has such a wonderful message in the end :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lost In The Moment is also amazing, it has such a lovely message on mental health :heart::heart:

To Feel Alive is just :pleading_face:


Out of these stories, I’ve had the pleasure to read @Eysenck’s What Doesn’t Kill Us and it’s such a wonderful, emotional rollercoaster like all of her stories are. I absolutely adore her writing style.

I am yet to read the other stories included on this shelf! I am sure they’ll be wonderful as well. :’)

Also: thank you so much to you all who have enjoyed Lost in the moment. :pleading_face:


Congratulations to all authors :blob_hearts:
I have only read Magicka: 'Cubusome, it’s so funny.
What I liked the most about it was featuring the Cubi, I am not sure if there is any other story featuring them.

I may check the short completed ones, and this time I think I will remember to come and write



Congratulations :partying_face: I’m surprised you’re surprised to see this story on this shelf because I definitely think it deserves to be there. Eric is adorable, but all the other characters and the dialogues are great, and since it has some pretty funny moments too, I really enjoyed it.

I’m glad to see What Doesn’t Kill Us on this shelf too, since I‘ve been recommending it for other shelves too lately. I normally go for stories that don’t really deal with sad topics, but this was beautifully written and it got me intrigued from the beginning.

I’ve read Rarity when it was a Magicka entry, and I think it was a great fit for the contest. As far as I remember, I found it a little slow paced for my taste, but nevertheless the plot was interesting and the directing was pretty good too.

I read the first chapters of Osaka Across Time quite a while ago, and while I’m admittedly not a big fan of Spotlight, sometimes I do feel that this style fits the best, and actually adds to a story. It’s great to see that Episode finds these stories, because Spotlight is still a very underrated style, and stories like this would deserve more recognition.

Now I would like to read Lost in The Moment, Dear Cherie and To Feel Alive too, because I liked other stories from these authors. I just wish I had more time and less stories on my list :weary:


Story of my life…


thanks to everyone that read and enjoyed dear cherie :smiley: it’s an older story of mine but i will admit its one of my favourites i’ve written. :heartpulse:


haha thank you!!! as for cherie’s glitches, as the author i never explicitly stated why cherie glitched, it’s a case of a mystery bug in the code i suppose :thinking: and a little black mirror-esque/the good place-esque ethical dilemmas :sweat_smile:


Ah cool. I just meant directing-wise lol, but your statement is interesting too :sweat_smile:

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The author is a lazy goodfornothing who hasn’t updated in months!

I’ve read 'Cubusome which I’m enjoying, but I’ll check out the others as well. There’s a good variety of stories on this shelf.


Aw, dude :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Make sure you take your time with Osaka, it’s just so interesting



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Right now started to read Lost in the Moment by @illustrated.episode, and I’m surprised I haven’t done it sooner. It’s really engaging on the first chapter alone :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, and before I forget, The Rarity by @writerren is so intriguing too. I love the main characters so far and the interesting premise of magic powers and the one which Beats them all.


Thank you! :pleading_face:


Aww, I was surprised to see this shelf taken down. I thought they would have kept it up alongside the Queer contest winners.

Anyway, I’ll share my thoughts on the two I read before this thread gets closed.

I read 'Cubusome for the Magicka contest and I have to say it’s probably my favourite story Naomi has written. The comedy was enjoyable in this story, the characters felt really genuine and unique and the directing is great.

I also read Osaka Across Time. I absolutely love time travel stories so this one was right up my alley. It’s in spotlight, but personally I think that style really works well for the story since it doesn’t distract from the narration. I also learned a lot about Japanese culture from this story too :blush:


Me too, but anyway I’ll leave this open for a little while in case anyone wants to share something else :slightly_smiling_face:


Aw Amber, I really appreciate your appreciation :heart_eyes:


@Sydney_H, close please, thanks!

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