Let’s Talk About... Queer!

Congratulations to the contest winners :rainbow:

Queer: Starry-Eyed by @Random.Tomboy

Queer: Daisy by @bertha

Queer: Make Me Stay by @raesstories
Queer: Thinking Out Loud by @SAwrites
Queer: Fall From Grace by @elle_episode
Queer: Sweet Nothings by @xandra.m
Queer: Dressed to Kill by @episode_valeria
Queer: For Love by @anda.episode
Queer: Not Heartless | No CC by @illustrated.episode
Queer: Camp Heimat by @Phoenix_Hope
Queer: Make Me a Geek by @RachelleFaucet
Queer: Shoot Your Shot by @episode.lys

Which stories have you read? Why did you like them? Which was your favourite concept and why? What else are you planning to read?


So far I’ve read Daisy, and I really loved it! I haven’t read any others to compare the story to, but I found it really fun, with the little mini games and all. The reader involvement was also excellent. I’m really bad at expressing my opinion toward a story, so bear with this. It was a great read though!


Well I read Camp Heimat and ehhh it was ok coulda been better if the author hadn’t stressed so much about finishing before the contest deadline…

:top:(:eye: :lips: :eye:) lmao

Anyway I’m pretty sure the only other entries I read were Daisy and Dressed to Kill, both of which I loved!
Daisy definitely deserved it’s spot with best interactivity, the tappable choices were amazing!
I would’ve thrown a fit if Dressed to Kill wasn’t one of the winners, the concept was very interesting and the story itself was even better!
I definitely need to read more of the entries though!


I loved daisy because of all the extra things she put in. It honestly improved the story so much her story and script is amazing
I’ve read a few chapters of others but honestly daisy was the best


I’ve had the pleasure of reading Make Me Stay, Daisy, Thinking Out Loud, Sweet Nothings and Make Me A Geek! All of these stories had beautiful aesthetics and astounding directing along with an intriguing storyline.

  • I always love anything @RachelleFaucet writes and as soon as I saw she was entering the contest with Make Me A Geek, I already knew I was going to love it. Her cinematic way of directing never ceases to amaze me.
  • I’ve admired @xandra.m and her story Undeniable Flame ever since I first started reading it and Sweet Nothings was just as beautiful. The setting and every little choice with the directing was just spot on. Also, including an aspec character always does the deal for me. It was truly an emptional rollercoaster.
  • Make Me Stay by @raesstories was a pleasant surprise! Her way of writing narrations was poetic and I absolutely adored the childhood friendship aspect. The aesthetics, once again, were breathtaking.
  • Daisy was yet another pleasant surprise! This story was a light-hearted read and deserved its spot at Best Interactivity! @Bertha did a wonderful job.
  • Thinking Out Loud was a beautiful portrayal of the internal struggles of accepting oneself. I adored the way @SAwrites managed to combine the light-hearted moments with heavy emotions.

I have the rest of the entries on my list as well! I’m sad I wasn’t able to read as many entries as I originally planned, but this is the time as good as any.


It’s funny that you say this about someone else’s story, because I have the same feeling about everything you write :slightly_smiling_face: You use a lot more narration than what I usually like in stories, but the way you write them makes me impressed every single time. Note to shelf: I have to check out Make Me Stay asap. So I guess it’s obvious that one of my favourite entries was Not Heartless. Such a great representation of aromanticism, so well-rounded and beautifully written.

I’ve read Thinking Out Loud too, and I couldn’t express my thoughts better than @illustrated.episode just did above. I really appreciated that there was an option to choose gender. I played the female MC version, but I’ve saved this story in favourites because I’m excited to read the male version too.

I loved Starry-Eyed. The characterization is just great, and the dynamic between Michelle and Kathy was so strong that I started rooting for their romance from the first moment they met each other :blob_hearts:

After reading so many stories in which the unpopular MC/nerd becomes popular, it’s so refreshing to read something in which it’s the other way around. And it’s also not, because the message of this story to me was that if you learn to accept and love yourself, eventually others will feel the same way about you. And I almost forgot haha, but the story I’m talking about is Make Me A Geek.

So yes, even though I wanted to read more entries before the winners are announced, I have 4 favourites on this shelf, which like, never happens when it comes to contests, so I was pretty happy to see it :blush:


I’m so glad you liked it :sob::hearts:


Starry-Eyed and Daisy are on my list, definitely.

Not Heartless was absolutely beautiful, one of my favourites, the story as a whole is a 11/10, the balance between narration, directing, I never went through such a change like the MC but I could connect.

Dressed to Kill: I loved the concept of saving your job, the point system, the fact it was geared towards fashion industry, not many stories do that, I was beyond pleased to read entries that explored the working side.

Make me a Geek: I loved the MC from the first second, accepting ourselves, that we are different and accepting others is not an easy feat, the way it was beautifully portrayed was inspiring


Thank you so much!!! This is so sweet of you!! :sob::sob: Your story is amazing too!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart:


Thank you so so much!! :heart_eyes:


We love a humble queen :rofl:


Thank you so much. :pleading_face::green_heart: That means a lot, I’m really happy to hear my narrating style came across that way!


Oh you! Thank you for your kind words. :orange_heart: I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Ellen’s story!


Happy Pride everyone! :heartpulse::yellow_heart::blue_heart:


I unfortunately didn’t get to read as many entries as I was planning because of real life craziness, but I must say that I was impressed by every single one that I did. I’m honored to have my story featured. It was a real surprise, especially since I focused on a group in the LGBT+ community that doesn’t get that much attention. I’m excited to finally catch up on the contest entries I had to skip!


You were the Aromantic writer, right?

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I absolutely adore this story when I read it, I love the art elements, and mini-games, choices, and the relationships between characters. Well, deserve story.

An eye for fashion, love the characters, and relationships, I love the mini-games, and grammar is on point, can’t wait for more chapters, I want to see that guy from the tv, get taken down.


Are you talking about the MC or about RachelleFaucet?

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Valeria is actually Ukrainian!

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