Let’s talk about rude fan mail and CC

Definitely, Cookie is right. You’re gonna get stupid fanmail, that’s just how it is. No matter how aggravating it is, just keep cool and collected.

If you plan on addressing it, keep cool and respectful cuz’ adding salt is a fast way to rub your audience the wrong way.


Right. And it won’t change. What u can change is ur attitude and approach. I used to master my trolling skills on these kind of fellas :grin:

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Oh god, cookie. I don’t know whether to laugh or pity em.


It is so sweet that u’r calling me a “cookie” :blush: :cookie:

What, I like cookies.

But anyway, yeah. I getchya, it’s frustrating. I wish you luck not bursting into flames every time you see that sort of shit. This sort of stuff is just plain annoying and it only builds up…

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Yeah I usually just laugh at this type of shit but it still baffles me at times. I guess it’s also partly because I’ve had a friend be asked if they could customise they’re all black cast and it’s just a massive eye roll situation :woman_shrugging:t2: But that’s life I guess

Oh, btw, what story is this? I’d like to read it if you have a link.

It’s a romance/drama if you’re into that aha


I was going to ask because I have been looking for a good MC male story going to go read in just a moment. :slight_smile: and I get fan mail all the time that is good but ever know and then I get the can you change this can you do this you should do this or that and I just skip right over them.

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I wish we could delete them but only because I like to keep things organised lol
And I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Yes that would be nice, I don’t understand why we can’t.

E neither :frowning:
It really suck uwu


Ooh, I’m kinda surprised to read that because I have two Male MC stories and no one’s ever actually asked to play as a girl lol :thinking:

With thousands of female led stories to read it is an odd question aha


:joy: You’d think they’d just pick a different story


This is how I feel about hate mail, period. It’s not hard to exit out and stop reading, or find a different story with ALLLL the stories available on the app lmao.


Unlike people above, I do think you have a right to be upset. You clearly said, male lead story. I feel like the one I am referencing to is not an author because (I personally) feel like that was an unreasonable request. I apologize that you got these type of fanmail because it’s irritating.

I’m a bit mean, and I think I’ve mentioned this on the forums somewhere before, but if I get I fanmail I don’t like I will just reply with a period. It’s like leaving them on read. Never have I gotten a reply that said ‘why didn’t you reply to me’. That’s how I deal with ‘rude’ fanmail. (I guess rude is a bad word to describe them… I would say… like… not worth my time to reply fanmail?)

Silly Fan Mail—

Oh I had this one which I shared, but … ah … I feel very guilty about sharing it because I didn’t read very deep into it, and others did … so I know I feel like an ignorant ass? Oh well. (Still my fav fanmail tho)

My second favorite fan mail was a character request, and it was something like really edgy… "She uses her looks to lure enemies and kill them. She never works for anyone. Luna usually wears red or black dresses. She betrays people. Luna is 100% dangerous and evil. Why you think she should be in the story because she would be an interesting person. Even though she is very evil she hides it under her looks. "


if they wanted a character like that they should make a story themselves hahah

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