Let’s talk about... Swipe Right!

I was looking for this thread but I couldn’t find it :open_mouth: So here we go:

Unexpected Match by Kaytee
CYBER by @viviwrites
Legend of Lutriva by Cosmos
My little complex by @Grace.C_writes
Boyfriend For Hire by cpc
Virtual Identity by Ash
The Episode Princess - A Modern Fairytale by @fran_on_episode
Wired out by MJ

Do you like this theme? Which stories have you read? Which was your favourite? Does it fit the shelf? The genre? Are you planning to read anything else?


I read Cyber. :smirk_cat:
Amazing story. It had me intrigued the first few minutes in. I’m glad it go put a shelf.
It definitely fits the shelf/genre. I would definitely say this is my favorite.

I’ll probably finish My Little Complex.


Me too, I don’t even know what to say about this story to make people read it, because if anyone starts reading the first episode, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t continue.

Also, I’m so happy that Episode is really starting to care about our recommendations in @amberose’s In the Works… threads. Thanks Amber for not giving up on us! :blush:


I agree! Everything about it is so exciting.

I was just telling her that as well. Episode actually put three stories on a shelf this week. That was recommended by us.

I give episode a round of applause :clapping:


Bahahaha, I can’t take credit for this :sweat_smile:

I’ve read CYBER, good fit… I can’t remember how much choices matter, whoops. But the whole story so far feels quite interactive and it’s pretty enjoyable. The backgrounds really set the scene up well.

I’ve started Virtual Identity and I’ve wanted to read Wired out for a while now so I’ll try and get around to them this week

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I read Wired Out when it was a Thriller contest entry. I really enjoyed it and I believe it’s sitting in Episode recommendations on the app.
I’d say it fits the shelf. Choices matter and there are a couple different endings. The story is a short completed story.

I’ve had The Episode Princess in my favourites for a while but I’m now planning on waiting for the LL version to be complete instead.


This is definitely my type of shelf lol

I’d like to check out all of them. Any recommendations for starters?

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I only read CYBER so far, but I definitely recommend it

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I enjoyed Legend of Lutritiva. :kissing_heart:

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Congrats everyone :partying_face:

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I haven’t read any of them yet. Going to start reading now :grin::gift_heart:

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It seems the shelf is gone, @Sydney_H can you please close the thread? Thanks!

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Closed by OP request. :grinning: