Let’s Talk About ... Talu’s Stray Heart (featured)

What’s happening here? I mean I know, but when is this happening?

Episode 6, Jenny the pink girl gets drunk at a party and some creep tries to take advantage of her

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Jesus Christ. At least I’m impressed the story addresses its problematic themes in-story.


Me too, also super happy Episode didn’t make having this protest a gem choice like some other company might have cough EA cough


Can we talk about the post it notes and what’s written on them

These make the LI look like some type of crazed stalker

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Although it seems as if some earlier screenshots above are some consequences, I am genuinely sick and tired of Episode throwing in (attempted) sexual assault scenes left and right to add more drama and push the storyline.

It’s sickening. Without trigger warnings, it always throws me for a loop and I need a minute to collect myself after. I am positive this story could’ve gone the same way without a character trying to take advantage of another. It’s tiring and this deserves a much larger discussion as to what the hell is being pushed on Episode, because seriously, I’m done being freaked out by an animated mobile game. When I’m no longer surprised and just disappointed, it’s happening too much.


I’m actually the one who threw in the sexual assault, so you don’t have to blame episode. Altho I guess they did choose to buy the story.

I’m sorry if there was no trigger warning. It was in no way meant to scare anyone.
My goal was to inform, more than use it as ‘drama’ and show how people can be affected by this.

So the LI in the original Stray Heart is pretty much a man whore. He doesn’t care about girls’ feelings and believes they are all just happy to get to spend a night with him. (Yes, a common LI)

One girl does get sexually assaulted at the University (which happens in real life) and the mc and her friend want to bring more attention to campus assault because it is a real problem and doesn’t need to be ignored or left out of stories in my opinion. The characters educate people on the topic. They share ways to stay safe and support each other.

(Also, the guy who does the assaulting is the main villain in the story and this scene is only one of the ways it shows his character. He’s got a lot bigger role in the original.)

The LI also helps the MC with a research paper on campus assault and it’s part of how he begins to (little by little) become a little more empathetic. Seeing how the girl he likes and the people she is friends with are affected by stuff like that, is part of his character development.

I know that some authors may not handle this topic well, but I did my best, and am always open to hearing suggestions to make it better. (Other than removing it completely.)


I was going to say because episode couldn’t have added it in because you can see there was custom poses in that scene.


So I finally read further into Stray Heart. And, well, other than the scene and subsequent plot maybe needing content/trigger warnings, it is executed decently considering the issue is first addressed from a minor main character.

Then again, other SA scenes in other Episode stories also don’t have content warnings. Which is sad in hindsight.

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Though, IDK why there is this conversation on a minor character asking MC on how’s Jenny - but then Jenny is behind them. I get this scene if Jenny wasn’t present at first, but no she’s in the background.

It is probably one of those scenes where you are asking the friend/family if they are okay because most people will just smile and say they are fine. But you are more likely to get honesty from someone who has watched over them.

I guess that makes sense. I was expecting that it would be MC asking this to Jenny first though (even though MC did ask her later in this scene)