Let’s talk about the classic style

Heyy! So I’m doing a boutique with a few others and I decided I’d do Classic as well and I wanna talk about a few things

  1. Do people still read/make classic stories???

I personally don’t read classic stories I just don’t like how the characters look and honestly just don’t see many classic stories.

  1. Have you seen the clothes???

So I was making more outfits for my examples for the boutique and I didn’t have any classic ones so I went to check it out and WOW :star_struck: I’m in shock I don’t like the characters but I LOVE the clothes!

  1. What do you think of classic?

I like the clothes but not the characters and I’ve honestly never read a classic story I just haven’t seen any and I don’t like the characters.


Classic is pretty much universally the least-favourite art style out of all three. Just super limited and a pain to code. I’m glad they’ve moved on since then, but it isn’t a bad art style to start an app with.


ah classic style…i remember when that was all over episode years back when ink was just starting to be created. i personally don’t like classic style and don’t read books with them because the characters are pretty much all the same and the animations are so bad compare to LL and ink. but yeah, they do got some cool clothes!


@purplefairylights4 @Hellchaser
Yea I feel basically the same but I’m in love with the clothes

This is my favorite outfit I made :heart_eyes:


Classic :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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I hate classic style. I got into episode kind of late though so it was more LL or INK for me.

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Yea same I only like the clothes from Classic tho I wish we had these for LL

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Oof classic. I remember back in the day when that was the only style available. There were some og stories with that art style tho. Like Beauty Always Has A Prince by Chantelle and that one Christmas story where they were stuck inside after a snowstorm??? Idk I forgot what it was called lol but I read it so many times


It’s not that I hate Classic, it’s just that it’s my least favorite art style. I hate how the characters move, and the running animation just pisses me off. But the clothes are amazing, and the names are real simple, like Red Shirt.


classic is a whole different breed :grinning:


tbh, I love all the styles equally (even tho classic is my favorite).

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Love it.
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I’m actually working on a Classic story right now.

What’s your story name?? I just released a classic story! I totally understand why other people might not like it, but I joined episode in 2013 when this was poppingggg and it’s still my favorite!