Let’s talk about the trending section


Share your thoughts on the trending section. It can be anything- you can talk about your feelings if your story trended on the app, or your thoughts on trending stories.


All of the stories on there have been there for a long time and it doesn’t get updated much.


I low key hate the trending section tbh


Do you usually check the trending section?

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I check it nearly everyday and it doesn’t get changed much.

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The trending section is influenced by reads, it’s not manually adjusted, but to get into the top 50 you probably need at least 5000+ reads a day and there’s only a few stories that do that regularly. The biggest “changes” occur when there’s a new weekly shelf or a story outside of the top 50 updates.


What she said. ^

It bothers me that most stories on trending section don’t get updated for months. (I’m talking about genre trending as well.) I understand that people have lives, but 3 months…? Eh.


Same stories up for months

Same sex obsessed content

Same miscatergorized stories(i dont see how a steamy relationship is a horror story unless it includes a horror element which it never does)

Same millionare/bad boy/mafia/gang leader/bad girl/pregnant/vampire/werewolf/one night stand/highschool narrative where the relationships are either type A or B or C
Type A: LI: i love u so much babe.
MC: i love you babe.
(Feverishly makes out)

Type B: MC: i hate you soo much
LI: i hate u. Tch. Stupid(eye roll)
(Random events happen like moving in together)
MC: i love u
LI:i love u
(Feverishly makes out)

Type C
(MC sees LI shirtless)
MC: his glistening wash board abs…i feel my face getting warm.(eyes travel to butt or other areas) hes so sexy
(LI closes distance between them)
MC:(stares and stands before kissing and taking to the bed)

OR (x3)
LI: (breathes)
MC: omg hes so sexy i cant control myself…those lips…uhhg

These covers are all begining ro run together to a guy and girl in a provacative pose or guy and girl glaring at each other of the cover or them smirking or something(no disrespect to the ppl who drew them)

Same story tht gives me no choice(no choices= mindless clicking) and no option to CC(but thts a personal opinion dont wanna argue it) its not engaging cuz ive seen these same characters and plot before i dont get a choice in anything…

Featured stories are an abomination again same bad boy one night stand highschool sex obsessed narrartive except with gems and ngl nice updated features such as hair and animations

I think im done looking for crap to read on episodes in general its becoming pointless…and tiresome…


I think it’s probably me being jealous that I’m not a fan of the trending section. If authors work hard on their stories then they deserve to be in the section at some point, but since the section is based on reader retention and reads it is unlikely this will happen.

I understand the large amount of reads that are needed to get into the trending section, I just get annoyed about how similar most of the top 50 stories are. Most feature a man and woman on the cover in a sort of erotic position and explore some form of generic romance usually to do with bad boys, billionaires, new boys, or gang members. I’m not can’t speak for others, but I’m not interested in these types of stories and very rarely check the trending section.


It is a fact that episode is dominated by these types. I don’t think episode advertises other genres the way they advertise romance. I mean a user downloading episode might have come after seeing an episode ad which showcases romance.

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First I didn’t want to comment here because I had the feeling we already said everything about this in other threads, but today I saw something that really shocked me. I don’t have Instagram but I often stalk Episode’s posts there and in the most recent one they asked: “If you had to live in one Episode story for the rest of your life, which one would it be?”
Looking at the comments, I would estimate at least 50% of the votes went for Chain Reaction and most of the other stories mentioned are also… Wow. I really don’t know what to say.
I can accept (more or less) that teenagers like to read these stories, but they actually want to LIVE in Chain Reaction? Like seriously??
Can we please just do something with the trending section, because I’m worried about society.

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