Let’s talk about: “Until we meet again” (the series)

So recently I’ve finished watching a series called: Until we meet again. It was really an eye opening and tear jerking series so I’d like to give a little insight on what the series is about. The series evolves heavily around the topic of Reincarnation. The main couple Dean and Pharm are reincarnates of Intouch and Korn who are their past lives. When Dean and Pharm meet they seem to remember more and more of their past lives. I’m not going to dive to deep into the series because it is a very complex series with 3 different storylines and sometimes the storylines can get really confusing. I will say if you’d like a good cry then this series is for you. The acting, the choreography, the visuals, everything is there. And it’s a really underrated series in my opinion I guess it’s because it’s not in English and in Thai but subtitles are available for those who need it.

Series picture:

I’d love to see what you guys think about this series so please if you do watch it let me know your opinion <3 But remember if you do watch it get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions!

i havent watched this but if you are into that series you may be interested in meteor garden on netflix, i know i did :relaxed:

I used to watch it 2-3 month ago but I forgot about it.

story is good and all until one day I stopped episode where win and team met in grocery store. Srry :sweat_smile:

I don’t watch lot of bl drama but my favorite bl drama is


Addicted [China]

History 2: crossing the line [between China or Taiwanese]

History 3: trapped [between China or Taiwanese]

History 3: Make our days count [China]

Boy next door [Korea]

Three will be free [Thailand]

Tharntype [Thailand]

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