Let’s talk about your story


So as you know the forum is full of threads about cliche stories in the trending section and it’s kind of disappointing to see how small authors with great stories are struggling with getting reads.

I know that we have many self-promotion threads, but let’s be realistic: this is probably not the most efficient way to get your story noticed. No one will scroll over the hundreds of stories and open the links posted there, you only have a small chance that a few people will read your description at least and think: “Oh my God, that’s exactly what I was looking for”.

Let’s try something else. Tell us a few things about your story what you think would be interesting to share. I don’t know whether this can actually help someone to boost their reads, but I guess it is worth a shot.

Some questions for discussion:

  • What is your story called? (If you have more, choose the one you consider to be the best).
  • What is the genre? Why do you think it fits the genre?
  • What inspired you to write it?
  • Why do you think the story is different from the average cliche in the trending section?
  • Who is your target audience? Who would you recommend the story to?
  • What are the story’s strengths? (unique plot, character development, meaningful choices, advanced directing etc.)
  • Anything you are planning to improve?
  • Who is your favourite character and why?

You don’t need to answer all the questions and you can also add other points if you would like to, but if you throw in something random like “Hey guys, check out my story” with a huge cover or something, I can assure you I won’t read it because you didn’t even bother to read the thread description and I will also ask you to delete the post.

Underrated Story Recommendations?

What is your story called? (If you have more, choose the one you consider to be the best).
One of the Girls
What is the genre? Why do you think it fits the genre?
Comedy, but lately it’s been feeling very dramatic. I still think it fits the genre, but I do wish I could pick sub genres.
What inspired you to write it?
A twitter thread LOL!
Why do you think the story is different from the average cliche in the trending section?
I actually don’t think it’s that different tbh. I feel like I’ve seen similar storylines (by that, I mean following MC’s first year of college) but it’s always in INK and mine is in Limelight. And mine is a male MC, so I guess that’s another thing that makes me different.
What are the story’s strengths? (unique plot, character development, meaningful choices, advanced directing etc.)
I’ve been told I have good characterization and I’ve also had feedback that it’s made people laugh too. I think my choices are a strength, because most of them matter and there’s usually one per episode that completely changes the content, but a reader wouldn’t even know that because I don’t make it obvious… So I think my strength is having choices that matter that you wouldn’t even realize mattered :crazy_face:


I’ve told you before that I need to check out your stories but now I know which one to go for and it sounds interesting so I will get around to it!!

Tell me more about a Twitter thread inspiring it :joy:

@Annieways this thread is such a good idea!


Yay! I’m so glad someone actually decided to read the first story shared here :grin:


What is your story called?
Tears Between Smiles
What is the genre? Why do you think it fits in the genre?
It’s romance. I was deciding between drama and romance, but the story doesn’t really contain so much drama.
What inspired you to write it?
Personal experiences and I also wanted to bring something different in here. And also music. That’s my biggest inspiration.
Why do you think the story is different from the average cliche in the trending section?
Maybe because both of the love interests are genuinely nice and sweet guys. They may seem like a typical bad boy or golden boy, but they are their own person and has their flaws. Also, although the story is in romance section, it’s not only about romance. It’s about self-acceptence, building friendship, discovering different views of world and realizing what’s important in life. The story is moving really slowly, which can be bad or good, depends on the reader.
Who is your target audience?
Since I have lots of music references in the story, I am really happy when someone who listens to this music reads my story. But I think that it’s suitable for lots of different readers.
What are your story’s strenghts?
Probably thought-out plot and characters backstory, altough I don’t tell readers everything right away. Also, advanced directing (but I’m no pro) and choices thay can impact certain part of the story. But however, the readers can’t affect the ending.
Anything you are planning to improve?
I am planning on adding some meaningful conversations. I want to express my opinions through them. And I plan to find strenght to add more music, because to be honest it’s really annoying for me.
Who is your favourite character and why?
I like all of them, but I personally prefer Jenny (MC’s best friend) and her boyfriend Gerard, because I really enjoy writing their relationship.

My story seems like a cliche at the first sight, but it’s much more.


Aww… You’re so sweet. You better leave your details here too for others :yum:

That’s an article about the Twitter thread.


That thread is so funny, oh my goodness. :joy::joy: I also just read the intro to your story and it seems really good!! Both the writing & directing, looking forward to reading more Xx

Don’t worry, I will be giving my story details :wink:just need a moment to properly think about which questions to answer etc


This story sounds interesting! I can relate to writing the kind of story that seems a cliché at first but (hopefully) really isn’t.

What kind of music do you reference in it?



Pop punk, punkrock, punk :smile: Yeah there are some things that I’m not really satisfied with - first episode seems a bit boring for me and I also don’t like that the originality of the story will reveal itself later :slight_smile: but I want to take it slowly, because I want to capture everything that leads to a person that MC will become


It sounds good, I might check it out! Also the way you described your genre makes it sound like a Coming-of-Age story which I know is actually something that @amberose made a thread about - saying this should be a genre option on Episode. Apparently my story would also fit into this category…


Yeah, it will probably fit better in that genre :slight_smile:


And what’s your story called? :blush: I would love to check in out



Author Name: Giselle Crescent

Genre: Fantasy

Description: Being the daughter of Zeus isn’t easy. Add responsibilities and your mother having cancer topped on with a forbidden temptation to a boy who can rock your world , literally. CC

Small Cover:

Large Cover:


What inspired me: I’ve always been interested in Greek Mythology, but I didn’t think others would be as interested as I am, so I held off writing a Greek Myth based story. But one day, I stumbled upon a VERY popular story called “Son Of Poseidon”, and I was inspired to write my very own.

Why is it different?: It took me weeks of planning and months of writing in order to insure that my story is original. There is only one love interest, and my MC can chose to end up with no one OR with a girl if that is their preference.

Target Audience: No one in particular! Mainly teen girls though.

Strengths: LGBTQ+ friendly, advanced directing, art scenes, CC, choices matter, minigames. (some of these are not out yet, but will be soon.)

Improvement: I’m planning on including more overlays and art scenes, as well as choices!

Fav Char: DAMON !!


Aww thank you, I’ve just been really overthinking the detail I’m about to put about it :joy:

What is your story called?

What is the genre? Why do you think it fits the genre?
It has been genre-hopping a little bit. Started with romance because essentially that’s what you see at first glance, a pair of characters with an obvious level of romantic and sexual tension between them, their journey to becoming a couple etc etc. I then moved it to mystery arguing that that makes up the other 50% of the story as the MC has a past that directly contrasts her current personality - it seems that this is a past she can’t escape… and also doesn’t want to escape and is still very much involved in. The love interest wants to find out what that’s all about. Now… I’m even thinking of moving it to action because of… a few things that will be going on. I’d probably call it 50% romance, 50% mystery/action.

Why do you think the story is different from the average cliche in the trending section? Because… it starts with your cliché bad boy romance and thennn the MC becomes more than the good girl he falls in love with, more than a predictable teenage high school student. Call it a bit of a dual personality… also, my bad boy is not problematic.

Who is your target audience? Who would you recommend the story to?
Target audience is difficult… anyone! But I’m aware that at first glance everything suggests a cliché romance with a bad boy, so young teenagers right? Romance fans? And I’d love them to read this story, I think they’d enjoy it and get a little something they’re maybe not looking for but would still enjoy on the side. But there’s also so much more to it… I’d say if you’re into strong female characters, positive representation, and a light read with a little mystery… nothing too heavy or sad (as in I’m not a sadist, like a lot of Episode writers appear to be after that quiz that was circulating Episode IG accs). It’s primarily supposed to be an exciting read… so I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for that!

Who is your favourite character and why?
I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite… Rosie because she’s evil in the best way.


I will totally check it out :slight_smile:it sounds really interesting :blush:


Aw thank you so much, I really appreciate it, I hope you enjoyyy Xx


No problem, I’m looking forward to reading it :relaxed:


This description is sooo interesting and original! Ahh everyone’s stories sound so gooodd


What’s your story is called?
–> Choose!!!
What is the genre?what do you think it fits the most?
–> adventure . I think it fits Sci-Fi , but it isn’t a genre yet😓
What inspired you to write in?
–> many Episode stories (yes the clinch one😅)
And some random ideas
Why do you think it is different?
–> it’s not clinch , and there maybe some stories like it , but they are few , actually , sci-fi stories are few
Who is your traget audience?
Anyone ,:sweat_smile:
What are your story strengths?
–> many (5 people only😅) says that I have unique plot and meaningful choices
Anything planning to improve?
–>Maybe I will add some sounds🤔 but I am writing a story now for knitter contest , so improvement needs to wait😅
Who is your favourite character?why?
–> Gabe , he is a brother I want in my real life


Hey are you talking about me here? :joy::joy::joy: I am so not a sadist! Most of the time anyways :see_no_evil: