Let talk about the tone. i need vs can you please

a lot of people write they need. art scenes cover overlays and so on

that is actually not a nice tone to use.

when I see a person write I need. I see a spoiled entitled brat.

I know that not fit most people who ask but I still see that. kinda how I see something stupid on the internet i think America ( which they usually are )

instead of saying I need this asap. say can someone please do this for me. stop using the I need. cause honey you dont. it’s a want, not a need. use a nice please and thank you when asking.

but dont the thank in advance. then you are back to the I need tone

also another thing. the please do it ill give you credit. just make you look even more entitled. of course, you give credit. that is not a special thing to do. ill did this art for free in my own time. ill could have done something else. but did this cause I am nice. it should not even be something you say you do. you should just do it

saying ill give credit if you make this art
that is like saying if you make me food ill eat it. you better I made it


Oooh you’re so right. That’s actually really rude because sometimes people offer to give out free artwork and covers and they really don’t have to, but they’re being nice. When people are being nice and they’re offering you something they don’t have to, you don’t have the right to be rude about it

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I totally agree! People are so rude nowadays! And it’s even worst when they ask “Can you do another? I don’t like this one.” Likeeee ??

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I think that it depends on the tone of the rest of the sentence. ‘Need’ doesn’t always mean a spoiled entitled brat, although yes, sometimes it does. If someone were to say:
‘Heyyy, I really need a cover asap, here are the details.’ then I agree, they could’ve used a better tone- they could’ve been a little more polite. If, however, someone were to say:
‘Heyyy, could you please make this cover, I need it by 3rd February’, then they were polite. Sometimes they’re not spoiled brats- sometimes English isn’t their first language, sometimes they are in a hurry, sometimes it’s purely just the wording of their sentence :woman_shrugging:

Open to other opinions x lay them on me :smile:


true I’m not really good at english and because of that I write that. my senteces (just like you can see right now) are difficult to read and also difficult for me to write… this doesn’t mean that some people are really trying to be mean English is just really hard for some people :disappointed_relieved:

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i dont think your sentence was hard to read. but i am also not english

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