Let the fun begin

ok who’s up for playing truth or dare y’all
I"m gonna tag people to get this started these tags are random so don’t ask why were you tag. so let the fun begin
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Um… Sure.

so truth or dare ?


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Describe your worst date ever?

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Damn… I’ve never been on one before.

I wanna play

cool so truth or dare?

hhhhh that’s ok let’s change it What is your weirdest habit?

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Hmm Dare

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Um… Chewing on metal. (Zippers, holding spoons with my teeth…)

Truth or dare?


Make up a story about the item to your right

Well once upon a time my laptop traveled the world on its own two legs then it became president of the United States then died at age 45 the end :joy:


hhh that’s similar to what i do too but i always think that they are normal habits not weird hhh lol ok truth

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I thought I was the only one.

Have you ever, ever, simply thought of kissing someone of the same sex?

hhhh bravo :clap: that was original i’m dreaming right now about a laptop who would become a president


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no but i dreamed of kissing shawn mendes many times hhhhh lol now it’s your turn truth or dare?

Truth :grin:

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now it’s your turn you can ask me