Let us use languages with a non-Latin alphabet in the script

One thing that I’ve always wanted was the ability to use symbol languages in the portal for my stories. Take my language, Japanese, as an example. If I had a character in my story say something in that language and press “save”, I would get an error saying that I need to have dialogue after a name. But it’s not just the script, it’s story descriptions too. Earlier today I created a “story” just for LL screenshots and decided to put a description on it in all Japanese. When I went to look at it on the app, said description took up just one line and seemed to be shrunken.


All in all, just PLEASE let us use languages with different alphabets in the script.


And be able to use accents🥺




You know Japanese :eyes: I’m jealous :joy:

I agree with this thread 100%, I tried creating some taiwanese characters for my story and errors would always show up when I tried to make them speak Chinese.


Yes it wouldn’t even let me add a fada like this (á) which we use on vowels in Irish and they are in almost every word. So now I’ve just had to scrap any bits of Irish in the story which I was actually excited to add because I love Irish so much and it’s a dying language even here in Ireland only 4% of us can actually speak fluently. So support!



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what you did there you can do I have but it wont show on samsung only apple




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Complete support! I want to be able to include characters talking in other languages, but the lack of support of characters that aren’t the standard a-z and A-Z has made it really discouraging to write characters.

Also, I think that the Japanese text showed up incredibly small because it thought the entire section was one word rather than separate words from the lack of spaces in normal Japanese text.
@jpn.writes さんは日本人です?日本に住んでいます?

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I’m really sorry that I didn’t reply to you earlier, this website made me wait an entire day before I could start posting again. そして、あなたの質問に答えるために、私は現在日本に住んでいない。私はアメリカに引っ越しました。

I didn’t know that, but I would’t recommend it though. I have seen some stories floating on the app (i have samsung) and instead of a title, i would just see boxes. I’m assuming it’s because some apple users are using different fonts or another alphabet or smthing



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