Let's all be honest here, lol

Hey babes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Being someone who has read Episode for 3+ years, I’ve seen and read A LOT of stories, lol :joy:. This is what made me want to create my own story- but as I struggle to find reliable and good back grounds, I’m beginning to see a ton of Google, Pinitrest and other “non recommended” sourced backgrounds- so the question I have for you all is… do you really always ONLY use backgrounds from other creators drives, public domain, or your own backgrounds, or are you using google for some too? :thinking:


I don’t use Google itself, but rather free sites such as Pixabay & Unsplash, etc.


I sometimes get backgrounds from forum threads, drives, but mostly I search some from unsplash :>

See, I keeeeep trying to give Pixabay and Unsplash a chance, but I can NEVER find what I’m looking for


I use a lot of Google Drive bgs because any type of public domain site never has what I’m looking for

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I just try my best lol.
I also get backgrounds from google drives and other websites such as episodelife.com

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I mostly do BG’s myself cause I can edit

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I see i see, yeah that can be frustrating if you cant find what you’re looking for.

The last resort is that I edit some episode assets (mixed with other royalty-free stuff from websites) to make my own edited backgrounds

Ohhhu someone is Subtle Flexing :hushed:

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Omg, what websites do you use??

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No… I mean that it is possible to create all/ most bgs urself. U just need edit programs and a lot of cutting. It takes time for sure

I could never lol, I have the least amount of patience humanly possible. It amazes me when people are able to make backgrounds

then u can use sites and drives as most people do

or sometimes u can even find someone who can make it

I use medibang paint (art app on ipad but can be used to edit too) for my edited bgs (and overlays) :> I find some stuff I need from Unsplash, Pixabay, or Pexels. If I can’t find exactly what im looking for, I’ll then start to draw some parts myself.

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It depends what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a super specific, perfectly detail background, chances are you’re not going to find it. If you have something less specific and more general like a modern bedroom, then there’ll be more options.

The only time I’ll get something not copyrighted is if I’m making character cards or something. These rarely go in stories, so they don’t actually have to be 100% copyright free.

I usually use unsplash, pixabay, @/FlowerGriefer’s, or on background drives. On the off chance I need something specific, I’ll request a custom-made background, but I usually find what I’m looking for on unsplash or pixabay.

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I use royalty free websites, other backgrounds from other creators on here and ig as well as render my own backgrounds using 3D software. Sometimes I purchase licenses to use certain images, but I try my best to refrain from that because it’s expensive.

When I was new (2017) I used to use backgrounds from wherever though. I’m pretty sure everyone did when they were new and didn’t think it through.

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