Lets be friends and writing partners

Hi :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m still looking for a writing partner! The story is based on romance and action. Please note that if you do decide to help, all credit will be noticed. I basically need someone who can help me write the story, if I get writers block or vice versa and help me code a little. I will send you the link to the story if you are interested to see how far I have gotten and what you think so far. Please also note, that this story will be advised.
P.s. I’m looking for someone around the age 15-21. No discrimination against age or anything.
Thank you for reding my long post. :sweat_smile:
Find me on insta @loanshark.episode
Or message me on here.



I can help you with dialogue, I’m writing a romance, action story series myself

Do you have Instagram or do you prefer to message through here?


My IG is mafiastar.episode

I love to participate too

I’d love to help!

whats your insta?!

great! whats your insta if you have one?


I requested to follow you!

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I’m still in desperate need of finding a partner. Co writer, coding, etc. :cry::tired_face:

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I can help

Im down if anyone wants tho i am quite new myself so hopefully i can help with basic coding and stuff

Hi, Hannah, are you still interested in helping me? I can’t find your account on Instagram

I can help! I am 13 though… hope thats okay.

hi im age 16 and im new to LL can we be writing partners u sound nice and you look like the right person to help me

i’d love to and get some help too my insta is @Ice.episode_