Lets be friends

enough of this editing creating making outfits and characters…
lets get to know each other…
lets be friends…
what do you guys say???
well is hard for me to make new friends cuz i’m a bit shy person…
but i’m sure i’ll make great friends wid u guys…
so are u in???

I’m a shy too . I’d love to be friends


hey… u can dm me on instagram anytime as i’m always open for new friends… and i would love to be your friend…(@rashicrestes)

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I’m not there on insta

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oh so on discord???

I’ll love to be friends!


hi i’m a lonely person who’s bored in quarantine, wanna be friends?
also, i don’t have insta or discord, so could i just pm u on here?

hello nice to meet you!

If u need a friend my Instagram is Jpassen_episode. Dm me anytime.

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anyone want to join an insta gc?I really want to make one💞

we can share stories and stuff💞

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I would love to… Dm me on instagram @rashicreates

haha same, feel free to add me on insta @kr_brissa1x
I would love to have some episode friends

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I am not on instagram

I’ll be happy to be your friend
IG: justin_18f

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