Let's be honest guys

The 30 dollars one moth no ads unlimited passes should come with unlimited gems, it make sense because I buy it every month and the gem choices on the front page really annoy the sh!t out of me :confused:


If you don’t like adds turn on airplane mode right before you click on the story thing that makes the add go on, that will skip the add. But make sure to turn airplane mode off after it skips the add. :wilted_flower:


I think that you do make a good point, but you can get way more gems than usual with the unlimited passes, because you’ll have way more passes to read featured stories! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you just saved my life…

Important Note before someone reports me: I’m ok with ads, what I’m not ok with is them freezing my screen and giving me blue screen of death.


Ikr when you wifi is not strong enough you have to restart the whole game and it has made me drop alot of stories


The problem isn’t even wifi for me… it’s the ads. They finish, I close them and it just freezes waiting to open up another one, I have to wait a few seconds (if I’m lucky) or close the app and reopen it. I watch at least 4 ads for one episode, I don’t even use the app because of this anymore.


THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! That tip saved my life!