Let's be partners!

Does anyone want to right a story with me, I’m not to good with coding but I do know some. I love to write so I hope we can make an amazing story that people love!

I can write a story with you!

Are you good with coding and do you have instagram?

Hey there same thing here

Would you be interested?

Yes, I have a lot of experience with coding and I do have Instagram.

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I would actually

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would you two be interested in working together?

Lets make a group chat for that and we will see what do u all say


We all have instagram right?

Yep sophia souri mine

Yep I do

May I help as well?

Ok can you follow me its eschleig01 (emmywa)


okay make the team chat

just friend request me on instagram and i will make the chat and let me know when you do.

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Hi I am looking for a new writing partner who loves writing fan fiction, because I like writing with a partner. Does anyone like writing about these fandoms:

Backstreet Boys

New Kids On The Block

One Tree Hill


Beverly Hills 90210

Blue Bloods

Grey’s Anatomy

Gilmore Girls

On My Block

Once Upon A Time

The Mighty Ducks

& Leonardo DiCaprio

Please respond if interested, thank you.