Let's bond over life


Hey everyone! So here is honestly just a place where we can take polls and chat about how we do things differently. I’m curious to see who’s similar to me or not :smile:

Do you add milk or cereal first?

  • I Pour Milk First!
  • I Pour Cereal First!

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Do you prefer the kids menu or the adult menu at a fancy restaurant?

  • Kids Menu! Simple and Yum!
  • Adult menu! Filling and Fancy!

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Cold showers, Warm showers or Hot showers?

  • HOT!
  • Warm is fine.
  • COLD!

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Memes or No memes?

  • I’m okay with a meme here and there.

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Feel free to talk about why you chose what you chose! :smile:
Hope you enjoyed!


People always tell me that I have difficult taste because I only eat very simple things, RIP


Why would ANYONE pour milk first?!

  1. I personally think the ONLY time you should pour cereal INTO milk is if you ran out of cereal before milk :sweat_smile:
  2. Kids menu is just my life :ok_hand:
  3. I need hot water to function lol
  4. yes please.




why does everyone hate on my methods

  1. Cereal First

  2. Adult Menu


  4. Memes


I also have a poll of like to share if I may…

Do You Hate When Your Lips Are Chapped?

  • Me
  • Not Me

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  1. Milk first (haters talk to the hand :raised_back_of_hand:)
  2. Kids menu
  3. Hot showers
  4. Who wouldn’t live for memes


People are arguing over whether they pour milk or cereal first, and here, I am shocked you wrote that you prefer cold showers :astonished:


Wow, a cold shower? Haha, I wish I had the ability to handle that :open_mouth:




I did do it once, I was flinching so much and came out shivering haha


The last time I did it I was at 105


I have a feeling Madison needs to reveal her magic ways to us :laughing:




Lmao, believe it or not I can’t stand a hot or warm shower. That might be because I get super hot easily but yeah…


The fact that you can take a cold shower is legit a superpower :joy:


I did I cold shower once. It suuuuucked


I died inside when I took one :sob::sob: