Lets bring pitch perfect story back

The beloved story Pitch Perfect In Deep Treble has been complety removed from the app! YET its still shown as featured on Episode Website. I talked with the support team and they said they MAY add it back if enough ppls request it. I dont know about you, but i personally loved the SONGS that were there. The singers had such nice voices and the story was very captivanting. SO IF YOU WANT THIS STORY TO BE ADDED BACK TOO send a support ticket to episode team and lets them know you want it to be added back. UNLIKE ANY OTHER STORY, THIS ONE HAS REAL PEOPLE VOCALS, SO WHEN THEY SING, YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THEIR VOICES!


It was removed? Man, this story was so good.


Yeah and if you want it back, you need to write a support ticket for suggestions to bring it back and share with more peoples. They wont listen if it will be just a few peoples


Tbh i was hoping for a season 2 and instead it got removed…

We can still have it back if we work together. And for those who didnt read the story, i hightly recommend to check it out on yt, its a really interesting story

It was the only episode story that had real singers. So awersome to hear the singers in an episode story that also had an interesting plot and many chapters to read

hey! i love pitch perfect movies and all and i’m pretty new in episode (i download the app just to play this pp story;() so, where can i help asking pp story back?<3 sorry for bother you:(

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The support team told me they might add it back if enough peoples want it, so you can send the support team a ticket about this if you want

Hey I really loves the story and last week I wanted to read it again but like you said it has been removed, I really want to help get it back so can you tell me how to send a support ticket?

Here is the form https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360003382473 maks sure to select episode app issues form. Select the general or technical issue category, and tell them that you want them to feature the Pitch Perfect In Deep Treble again and why you want. If they reply with an email that has nothing to do with that you said, then reply too and say what you already said the first time, then they should give you more info if they still plan on adding it back if peoples want

I got an email back from episode unfortunately they can’t put it back on episode because the license for the characters is expired and they didn’t update it. I’m gonna cry now

Wtf? They told me they might put it back and gave me no info about license or anything ;-; but send them a new reply and ask if enough peoples will ask, will they update it again?

They said to me that they will take the suggestion to the team for future consideration. Yay!

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If we could have more ppls support they might listen, but this topic needs more publicity lol