Let's Celebrate! World Emoji Day! :D



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Don’t think that we forgot about these little animated lumps of joy! Emoji’s are a fantastic way to express your true feelings in a way that simple text can’t. :smiley::smile::sunglasses: Without them we would be left scratching our heads at just about every other message we receive on the net! Let us know your favorite emoji, emoji icon pack or emoji related story below! :fireworks::sparkler::sparkles::balloon::tada::confetti_ball:




:baseball:️-Ya girl loves Softball, but there is no softball… so this is the closest thing


Can we just imagine that the baseball is uhh, softer? :rofl:


Here are my most recent in order lol



Can You Crack The Code?
:fries: = :bomb: :+1:t3:


Recently Used:

Favorites from Discourse Pack: :smile::sunglasses::thinking::drooling_face::scream::crazy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::dizzy_face::cowboy_hat_face::joy_cat::vulcan_salute::metal::fist::eyes::eye::t_rex::dragon::butterfly::coconut::avocado:

Tell ya what, there are so many that I like that this is to be continued until later, lol :astonished:


Well it has to be “Eat french fries and your thumb is going to explode” :thinking::thinking::frowning_face:


:joy::joy::sob::sob: Fries Are The Bomb or Great


French frys are the bomb :joy::joy::joy:


:eye: :dizzy_face::sleeping:


I use the :weary: emoji in any situation, for any emotion (usually accompanied by the word “ugh”).


I use :smiling_imp: waaaaaaay too much. :joy:


:poodle::deer::cow2::blowfish::unicorn::rhinoceros::t_rex::whale::bird::koala::clap: (Recents)

Let’s be real, my favorite emoji of all time is . . . :hatched_chick:


Love that emojiii






(Yup that’s not much)


P.S these are my recent : )


This is my fav happy one :blush: It just looks like sooooo pleased with itself
And these ones are the ones that truly represent my most used IRL faces :roll_eyes::no_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow::expressionless::smirk::thinking::unamused:


This is my FAVORITE EMOJI EVER INVENTED! :smirk: My friends hate it because that’s th only emoji I use when I interigate them :joy: