Let's chat about cliché stories!


Let’s find positive and negative things about typical cliché stories. I’m obsessed with romantic and cliché stories. Post below your memories, experiences, opinions or funny moments with clichés!

Cliché no. 1 - Stories with Pregnant by… is this POSITIVE/NEGATIVE? Personally, I don’t like them. When I see this title in app, I’m running away. Predictable plot, girl gets pregnant, boy promises to take care of them, jealous villain tries to attack the girl, boy saves her and they live happily ever after!
Cliché no. 2 - Celebrity crushes. POSITIVE/NEGATIVE? In my opinion, another predictable plot. Girl meets her celebrity crush, they fall in love at the first sight, they are together, another jealous chick tries to break their relationship.
Cliché no. 3 - Characters with no flaws. POSITIVE/NEGATIVE? I really hate when character is all perfect. Love is about your half accepting your flaws, insecurities, making him/her fall in love with you even more. When you create the character with perfect body, intelligent, expert in flirting, ambitious, can sing, dance, cook, play some instruments…what is that, fairy tale?
Cliché no. 4 - High school with pinkie cheerleader. POSITIVE/NEGATIVE? You fall for a hot soccer, basketball or whatever sport he stars in, player, cheerleader starts to get jealous, she drinks him and takes a photos him kissing her, your world falls apart, he tries to explain, you can’t even look at him, he does a cute and romantic gesture, you think about what will happen and in the end you’re with him. That is called LOVE, EVERYONE.

This is not supposed to point at someone. This is my opinion what I see and hate.


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I hate all of them, honestly. It’s just sad that’s what episode is about. Can’t it have more stories about adventure and less about love. Why can’t a character not be super intellegent, have few friends and be fine with that. No one is as perfect as episode writers describe them. No mental health issues, super hot, popular, super intellegent and kind? I don’t think a lot of people have that. I for one do not like being in the spotlight and I feel like that’s fine. It’s not like every person who have one or two friends is automatically bullied, but I feel like that’s what a lot of writers say. Yeah, some of them are and that’s really sad and I hate that people have to go through that, but not all of them. I feel like it’s two sides of episode stories: the ones that have a really bad past and their lives are just sh*t. They are bullied at school, abused at home and have absoloutely no money at all. I’m not saying no one has a life like that, I’m just saying that it can be something in between sometimes, you can be depressed without having nothing at all. And the other is the perfect life: lots of friends, wealthy and super hot. I just want something in between you know.:expressionless:

I’m sorry if I offended someone, that is not my intention. This not directeted at anyone’s specific stories


Exactly! Thank you for opinion.


I love cliché stories! :heart_eyes:
Cliché no. 1 - I’m not reading pregnancy stories, but I’ve read them in the past. I wish people would be more creative and find other titles. I would read them then :smiley:
Cliché no. 2 - I’m not interested at all in any Hollywood stories.
Cliché no. 3 - Yes, perfect characters are so unrealistic. I like when stories are keeping it real.
Cliché no. 4 - My favorite cliché! :smiley:

I’m writing a story now which is based in the high school. I’m trying to be more creative and outstand from basic cliches, but still keep in it, although I’m prepared for hate, if someone will send me a message saying my story is too cliché I’ll be more than proud :joy:



I feel like there might be cliché tropes in stories, but in the end it still comes down to what the writers make out of their stories. The setting might be cliché, but it can develop into different directions throughout the story, so I don’t think that cliché stories must be bad at all.

Because in the end a story still can be kinda cliché but have its own unique advantages as well! :slight_smile: :star2:


Cliche I’m tired of seeing “Girl tries to pursue bad boy or learn about his past”
Come on guys! Mix it up a bit! I love seeing new and exciting stuff. Be unique, be different than the rest :blush:


Well said! :slight_smile:


To be honest, I’m tired to bits of cliches. Stories about falling in love just aren’t exciting to read for me since it just seems so arbitrary to me. I think that those stories are only popular with kids (10-12) because they focus on dating and hot guys and “a good time” which is a relatively new concept to them so they live vicariously through it. Most of the romance section in episode is pretty much empty of any suspense or original plot line which sucks because it seems to be the most popular section on episode.
Stories that are essentially “he’s hot! He’s sooo hot! Omg! He’s a hottie! A babe!” for like 20 straight episodes are the worst!


Sometimes I need to read cliché stories. Even if I hate them, I still keep reading them. Thank you for an opinion.


Thank you for an opinion!


Yes! I hate when I see a great cover, great description, I start to read and then I realize it’s again and again the same cliché. Thank you for an opinion!


Yeah. I’d love to see new stories with completely different plot. Yet I know they won’t be as popular as these stories. Believe it or not, in the app there are registered children and they read only romance with bad boys. Then the child decides to write its own story and it’s again. Thank you for an opinion!


I have to agree with @Lizard, these stories are mainly popular with the younger audiences.
Yes, young ones…
Don’t take offense, I’m a young person too.
But, I consider myself mature enough to state my opinion and back it up.
Just being honest. :woman_shrugging:
My generation is a bit disgusting. :confused:
Not ALL of them but many of them.
(There are a LOT of mature young women and men. Don’t get mad; just hear me out.)

Being that many pre-teens are slowly moving into adulthood, their hormones are all over the place and sexual urges are at it’s strongest peak.
A lot of teenagers haven’t been taught how to control their desires or urges. That’s all they want are these cliché stories with the bad boys, the love-making, kissing, etc. They find these to be exciting. Why? Because for the young people who aren’t bold enough to act out, they turn to these stories to experience a fantasy they can’t have in real life.


I understand that some people don’t like cliche stories, but there are authors out there who may get discouraged to write their stories if they see a lot of people not liking cliche stories. Yeah, it’s cliche but a lot of people love those types of stories.


I hate when a story ends with the clichè usual happening: them marrying each other. Like, marriage isn’t the only happy ending there is


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