Lets chat halloween!

Who are you going as for halloween? Are you trick or treating? I still have no idea who I will be lol but it dosnt realy matter since my freinds arent comming with me :sob: Are you going to be scary? Or cute?



I am going as …Um nobody :joy::wilted_flower: I just put everything together and be my own creature!
I am def going to trick or treating (Hey I am not letting it go)
I want to be scary/cute


birthday girl

but anyway we dont celebrate halloween in my country

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Really? What country are you from?

Denmark. halloween dont exist in most countries though.

we have something called fastalavn though. which remind of halloween though it is first in march I made a forum about it


We have kadri- and mardipäev

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I am too old to go trick or treating lol, but I’ve made up some little lolly bags for the kids. Last year we went through 20 bags in about 3 minutes :rofl: so I’ve made more this year just in case. (Now watch- no one will come lol)

Whoever flagged my post whatever I posted, congratulations on your pettiness :partying_face: