Let's create the Marvel of Episode!


I’m starting, I’m currently writing a story with a male Anti-Hero MC. I’ll be your Stan Lee :grin:

Wouldn’t this be awesome? Like doing crossovers? I really like this idea, what’d ya guys think?

CAPITAL STUDIOS -- The Marvel of Episode!

Like crossovers from different episode stories? I think that would be a great and fun idea!


Exactly! Imagine making our own villains and superheroes :smiley:


I seriously love this idea! I’d really enjoy reading, and maybe writing. :grin:


I’m expecting a story then!


Wait do you mean like making a story about superheroes and villains? or crossovers from other stories with superheroes and villains? Because there are already stories about superheroes and such.


Stories with superheroes but there needs to be multiple, and only revolve around it, like how Spider-man saves the city, how Iron Man does it. They never go outside of the plot which is them saving people. Crossovers are welcome as well. :grin:


@TheTurtleTrainer thats great :kissing_heart:


Thank you! I’m really hoping to develop this suggestion with everyone on the forums.


This sounds like an awesome idea!
Stares at own story
…so… is there like, room in this universe for a jaded anti-hero/villain who turns adulterous/abusive men into cake and eats them or… ?
Maybe should I just see myself out…


There’s definitely place for you! :joy::joy::joy:


This would be fun, really interesting and also an awesome way for authors to support each other. Great idea :+1:


Yes! We need people who are willing to use their characters though :grin:


If you accept idiot characters, just let me know :smiley:


I’ll let you know when it’s time :joy:


One thing… I’m in :joy:


This is what I meant in IG, now I’ll be posting it there too, hoping a lot of people will join because crossovers are really fun!


I’m in also :grin:


Same, I’m in :slight_smile:


Ooohh! I’d totally be in on this! But what should the “franchise” name be? Lol!