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If you read through all this, I applaud you for taking the time to do so.:point_up:t4:

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  1. On a scale of 1-10, between the year 2000 and now, how s*x-minded (lol, is that a real word?) do you say teengaers are irl? 'Cause I was just reading Bad Reputation on Episode and I don’t believe for a second that teenagers like the MC or that second love interest sleep around like that. Sure, there are some teens that do get themselves in trouble this way, but how often? And why does almost every high school story on Episode with millions of reads sxualize (is that the right word I’m looking for?) teens like this? We have better things to worry about than something like this! Why not just replace the sx or near-sx scenes in the high school stories with a scene of a sx-ed class scene or something?

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that all the romance stories on Episode promote the idea that you can only find love in your 20s? It just seems funny how all the MCs in their stories can easily find someone attracted to them so young. What about those that find love at 30 and above? If you can write a young love, you can write an old one too. (And no, side characters who are old and married don’t count.)

  3. Why does the MC’s boyfriend in every story always have to be a trash bag or cheater? Why can’t for once, the MC’s current boyfriend stay with the MC for the whole story? No need to worry about making a gradual romance between the MC and new love interest. We can get to know the current MC’s partner being faithful until the end of the story instead of finding out in the first episode already that he’s a dck. Or girlfriend, same thing.


  1. Why does the best friend of the MC or love interest have to pressure them into sleeping with someone or finding a date?! Like d@mn, I can’t be happy without a man or woman?! You’re insane! I’d drop a friend like that immediately! How about you get yourself a life, “BFF”? Best friends like the one in COMPLICATED and Dirty Headlines pss me off because they think that I’m miserable without being a freak or a partner of someone for no freaking reason! Like, ugh!!!

1: this movie is what teenagers are, sad part is just most stories dont want teens. they want adults in high school. of course people are complex and some might be a player

2: no comment. but true

3: yes, I freaking hate this. for once cant it be the boyfriend there leave her because she is clearly going after another guy. of course that ain’t gonna happen because we cant make MC the bad guy, instead its easy to get rip of the boyfriend(and make the LI seem amazing) by make him cheat
4. yeah that’s kinda creepy. or drag them out to party and drink all the time


I totally agree with you! And yes, Turning Red was the most accurate representation of teens ever!


I don’t know why teenagers always want to act like they are grown and bigger than they are and most of the time people promote it 'go have this and go have that. Like, enjoy living young because you only have that once. Omds ngl I remember scrolling through my IG page and I saw this art scene where they were clearly in school in the bathroom (as they were uniform) and having sx (and of course, they couldn’t put that in their actual story because that’ll be breaking the rules) but I don’t I couldn’t stand it at all lol. And again I think it’s just the generation in general, that we think more of sx than actually a relationship/loving somebody because people would date to have that than a date to marriage and whatsoever.

I agree!! Even though I do it :woozy_face: I do realize now that there is not a lot of romance stories with the 30s and older kinda thing. I;'m really deeping it and I’m looking up write one or at least read it lol.

I agree but I have nothing to say about that lol.

I definitely I agree, I think it happens irl as well but it’s not right. But again I think it’s a whole generation thing that we normalized because there are some people who feel like they keep living without a partner by their side. But again I strongly agree I don’t get why.

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Wait, what?! What story was this?! And just—why?!

No, people need to mind their business and get a life.

I really don’t know and I don’t want to know the story, They defo wrong to support that.

Fr girl, let me not start speaking bout that I won’t stop :rofl:.

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Oh, I love you so much, right now!! I am almost forty (yes I am 39.) And you are so right about this. I always try in my stories to get every age involved and in my latest story I even have an MC that is 51, with a 36 years old LI. What I try to say is: Love can be at every age, not only in your 20’s.

:laughing: :laughing: Sorry, I have to think about something. It’s always the ex that cheats on MC, but irl I have an ex I am still friends with. He never cheated on me. There are other reasons to break up, but in most of the stories: MC walks in, find her boyfriend with another girl or guy in bed, snaps and breaks up. It’s so standard. :woman_facepalming:

Yepp I totally agree. Those friends are no best friends. :raised_hands:


Ooh, really? What’s the name of this story?

If only more stories did this. But either they cheat and leave, or the MC gets back together with him as a LI.

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‘Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’ by AngelWings. :wink:


how do these epi-teens have multiple nightstands, party and bunk most days, and still top all their classes and get into a top-notch college?? :skull_and_crossbones:

i remember someone saying “most teenagers are fuelled with hormones and naivety and majorly think about sex and love and relationships”— ok but that doesn’t mean everyone gets laid in their school years :sob: and its so common in episode stories :////// ehm

films specially. the s*xualization and feti$hization of teenagers is just :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend: and the fact that that’s why most films use adult actors— to depict inappropriate scenes.

cough cough riverdale

i agree, but i feel like it has to do with the fact that most authors and readers here are on the younger age spectrum— like the majority would be ranging from 15 to mid 20s. i think most people think that writing someone like yourself is much easier. like, writing someone way older than yourself; to correctly show them as a relatable 30+ main character with realistic inner thoughts and notions, to depict their actions based on the years of insight and experiences they’ve gained would be quite difficult for someone who has barely passed highschool/college. i dont mean this as an excuse, but it kinda does sound like one lma :skull_and_crossbones:

also alsoo it’s not just about writing. most readers like reading about a relatable character— some people like to insert themself into the character, and its easier when the character is somewhat their age. and you know which age-group is more prominent in episode :cold_face: :cold_face: some authors specifically write younger MCs because majority of the ‘available’ audience is younger people. it’s like a strategy to ensure more people will read it. i think the maximum MC age i’ve read was around 29 or 30. although, i am always down to read a story with varying MCs, whether that be age, gender, or specie wise.

AND YES, some stories do have that ‘ageist’ vibe, making it sound like you can only find love if you’re young.

YES. i think i’ve only read one story where the MC’s current boyfriend stays the same (seeing i’ve been on episode for so long and read SO many stories, this is astonishing). also why do all exes cheat/ are abusive??? why can’t the MC and their ex just realize that the ‘spark is gone’, ‘things just aren’t the same’, and have a healthy breakup.

YES YES YES! When the BFF’s life revolves around the MC— they have NO ideals, or personality— they just drool at every person they see, say “omg you would look so cute with them”, and pressurize the MC into pursuing that person.

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Ngl considering my school year alone I’d give a solid 6/7 (I’m from UK) The stories are quite exaggerated though :sweat_smile: I’m not from America though so idk what a high school there would be like.

I never really thought about it that way but yeah actually all the love stories I’ve read are either in school or just sorta left school not long ago so teens-mid 20s
Except for some side characters like the MC’s mum in Jaded love I think it was
And I’ve read blended where I think the MC is in 30’s I may be mistaken not sure-
But they’re the only exceptions I can think of

tbf I actually understand this
As readers we kind of want to be apart of the characters love story and if they’ve already met and are happy together before the story begins then its like we’ve missed a massive chunk of their story.

I think they’re often made to be cheaters so that the readers don’t make a connection with them and would rather the MC be with the LI
Also it makes an antagonist for the story
But If its coded right I could totally see that being a cute story line where they already met!

Yeah that annoys me when the LI is a player and the friend encourages the relationship but if the LI is nice then I get it, but as soon as the MC says no it should get dropped

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They must have more than 24 hours in their days :rofl:

You’re right, that’s true.

Because that’s “boring” to some readers since there’s no drama. :roll_eyes: Come on, the ex-boyfriend can’t be the only drama in the story.

I hate it SO much.

Who knows, it’s probably an avearge score in all countries :woman_shrugging:t4:

It’s quite common and kinda tiring, tbh. Though I’ll make an exception if the story is good.

Yeah, but like @sclera said, even then, the MC can still make a connection with the LI if the MC and ex-boyfriend had a healthy, mutual breakup.

So stupid!

Oof you’ve been askin all the hard hittin questions haha :eyes:

• IMO that’s impossible to answer because it really depends on the person and everyone’s different. My older sister (she’s almost 10 years older then me and graduated from high school in the early 2000’s) lost her virginity super young was really boy and sex crazy got caught with boys at school and at home a lot and ended up getting pregnant with my niece when she was barely outta high school and she’s still a huge player :smirk:, I (graduated from high school in 2011) was never boy or sex crazy didn’t love or hate it was just meh (then again I had a lot of other shit going on so boys and sex were the least of my worries and I was datin my toxic pos ex at the time on and off all throughout high school from the time I was 15 until I was 22/23 so stupidly I was too “in love with him” and blind to cut it off sooner) and lost my virginity at 17 which was considered “older” compared to when most other people in my age group and at my school lost it and while a lot of people might’ve thought I was a player cause i’ve always gotten a lot of attention from guys I had zero interest in them or anyone else besides my ex stupidly once again :woman_facepalming:t2:, another one of my ex’s (he graduated from high school in 2012) wasn’t girl or sex crazy until he lost his virginity at 16 then after that was like a dog with a bone always hanging out with girls and sleeping with them whenever he could, my best friend who i’ve known since high school (she graduated the same year I did) wasn’t interested in sex or dating period and my niece (who graduated from high school in 2020) was boy crazy but had zero interest in sexual stuff but I remember when she was 12/13 she told me that most of her friends had already lost their virginity (scary thought ain’t it :confused:). The only thing that seems to be the same for everyone is the double standard- guys sleeping around is normal and a cause for celebration but women sleeping around makes them hoes, dirty and they get slut shammed. But I do 100% agree that that kinda stuff shouldn’t be shown in stories… it’s weird asf how quick Episode is to take down stories for trivial shit (like a horror story being “too scary” for example) but will sexualize kids and gladly keep stories up that have sexual tones in them when they know kids use the app too :upside_down_face:

• Agreed most stories I come across with romance they’re either teenagers or young 20 somethings but I never got the impression they were saying you could only find love in your early 20’s and younger. Most people probably write for their own age group, from their own experiences, people they know experiences or what they think is popular is used a lot in other stories and will get them reads but who knows maybe there is some mean narrow minded authors out there who genuinely believe that wouldn’t surprise me haha. I’ve come across a few stories that focus on 30+ year old MC’s finding love i’ll try to find them when I get a chance :blush: Tbh now that I think about it the only thing I don’t like in terms of romance is when the MC is single and everyone around her will shame her for being single, they’ll all be married with kids engaged with a kid on the way or in a long time relationship recently engaged always talking about how “perfect” it is and how you’re a loser if you don’t have that yet don’t want it or aren’t working towards it, will make it seem like a woman isn’t a “real” woman unless she’s in a relationship eventually getting married and having kids (cringe what is this the 1800 's? :confounded: lmao), I remember in one story MC’s 10 year old little sister said there must be something wrong with her since she’s not in a relationship, everyone around MC will try setting her up on dates without her permission and most of the time the MC will be happy being single but will give into the pressure and get with someone or will be all “i’m not a real woman, I can’t be happy and complete unless i’m in a relationship and I need a man to take care of me” and will spend the entire story pursing a relationship :confounded: If women wrote those stories i’m really worried for them if they honestly believe we ain’t “real” unless we have a man and kids and that they “'need” a man to take care of them :woman_facepalming:t2: Be independent ladies take care of yourselves, you don’t NEED a man, you don’t NEED to be in a relationship and you sure as hell ain’t any less of a woman if you decide not be in a relationship, not to have kids and not get married.

• Tbh whenever I read a story and see that the MC is already in a relationship, the love interest is already in a relationship or they’re both in a relationship and their partners are horrible people I instantly know there’s gonna be a lot of drama :skull: I’d love to see a story where we get to see them first meet and as the story progresses watch their romance and relationship grow showing us the good and bad days the reality of a real healthy relationship and they stay together or at the very least if an author insists on having either the love interest the MC or both in a relationship why can’t their partners be good people and their break ups with them be normal? Sure relationships can be extremely toxic unhappy with people cheating being abusive and end insanely badly leaving you in ruins but they can also end naturally with all parties involved realizing there’s no feelings left they aren’t good together anymore and they just naturally drifted apart… not everything has to be extreme :woman_shrugging:t2:

• Refer to the end of my second post to answer this one :joy:


F in the chat for your nice’s high school experience :weary:

Bruh there were people losing their virginity in middle school!? Half of them aren’t, um, developed around that time! Teenagers can go through life not doing more than kidsing someone if that and be totallt fine!

The pushy best friend is one of my least favorite tropea because they don’t add anything to the story other than being AN ANNOYING TOUCAN. Seriously, that clingy bestie is cringy and needs to get a life.


Hell I still thought boys had cooties when I was in middle school :rofl: But yeah it was crazy :persevere: Thankfully me and my niece have always been really close like sisters so she’s always come to me about that kinda stuff and waited until after high school.

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  1. I’d say… 6 out of 10. Teenagers do feel curious about sex life because that’s when they first hit puberty and realize that their hormones are everywhere.
    But sexualizing them is pretty much pedo imo. One thing I’d say is that since dirty tapes are everywhere on the web, it’s hard to keep teenager’s minds “clean” until they’re old enough to understand the responsibility it holds. But any adult writing a 16 year old sl*t needs a therapist.

  2. No, I believe people in their 20’s are able to find love more easily, but these stories do not insinuate or mandate get-a-partner belief.
    In fact, I’ve read a story that featured an LI at the age of 36 or something. It’s called Not A Saint, by the way.

  3. It’s a trope, and other than being bland, it really is a solid reason and motive to why the MC would want to leave him. It’s the matter of being creative and non-repetitive, but giving the MC two options to either stay with the current one or to follow the new one makes the MC a bit of… A play"girl", if you get me.

  4. It’s called lack of motive, so they use the side character to push the MC to make the first move.
    Is it a good motive? It really depends. If the side character pushes the MC to sleep with a rando someone, that’s too much for me, but if it’s like, get to know people, move on from a heartbreak, it’s still under my radar.
    The process shouldn’t be forced, but sometimes people just need a small push to make the first step. I believe balance is the most important aspect in this issue.

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I am a teenager now. I am not going to lie to you, they are almost all dirty minded. Try hanging out with them and they twist things. A few are normal but they’ll still laugh if a dirty joke is made. And I’m friends with classes 2025 to 2022. All years that were at high school last year.

Also why does nobody address in high school stories there are never lowerclassmen? They’re always fully grown.

I want to see a mid-life crisis romance ASAP.

I’ve had friends encourage s*xual assault on me. Ik. It’s bad. Those weren’t really my friends. It’s realistic, but they aren’t even striving for realism when they write it. They just want someone to be “relatable” such is stupid. As an asexual, it gets annoying, and even for allo people I’m sure it’s rough

I will self promote rn. I hate when this happens. That’s why I wrote a good starting boyfriend in who is a love interest :relieved:

Anyway but yeah that’s annoying