Let's discuss...chapters!

Exactly what the title suggests^^

My question for the creators is: How long does it usually take you guys to finish 1 episode?

Now time for the question to the readers(creators can also answer): Which way do you prefer an author to deliver their chapters?

  • As soon as the chapter is ready to be released (Can’t wait)
  • Longer but released in batches (To Binge-read)

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For me it takes around a week or more to do one chapter. Because I’m lazy and I almost never feel like doing it. Or I’m having a writers block.

And sometimes I realize I need new backgrounds and overlays so it always takes time to search and to get them approved.

Also now that I’m writing my new story, it takes a lot of time for me since I want it to be better than my first story. So it always takes forever for me to complete it, since I try to make no error in coding and make it look smooth and great and have to come up with the characters personalities and personal info.


I write pretty long chapters (3000 - 4000 lines) and for that I need a week but when you want to know the hours I’d say 15 - 20, it depends on your directing and everything.


It takes me forever :sweat_smile: I tend to write episodes that are on the longer side (anywhere from 2000-4000 lines), plus I direct and try to do a bit of branching. It can be a lot sometimes lol

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It really depends on… Everything. I think if I say down with no distractions, I could get one episode done in 1-3 days. But I have a few ongoing stories and get side tracked with contests or reviews or just reading stories on the app lol

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Can totally relate to everything you mentioned! :slight_smile:

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