Let's discuss Episode topics (share your opinions)

I did some polls and I want to share the results and discuss them with you. I shouldn’t mention this, but please be respectful and try to give constructive criticism, this is not a rant.

  1. About MCs and family…


These results were surprising. I get that many people want to see cute and united families, but in reality, most people don’t have that. Dysfunctional families are a reality and are more common than you think, I don’t like stories where the family drama is too exaggerated, but I don’t know.

  1. About the MCs and her looks…


A rare type of beauty was the most picked option but trending stories usually have the most conventionally attractive MCs. I know that 44 isn’t a lot and Episode has thousands of readers, but I have the feeling that people on the forums think differently than the average reader. That’s why you see people hating mafia stories here while they are trending in drama/romance shelves.

  1. About the MCs and LI…


This was the most shocking result.

The most popular stories are about bad boys or CEOs but those were the ones with fewer votes. As I said earlier, people on the forums tend to dislike certain things but the average reader loves CEOs and bad boys. I would love to know what is consider a good boy, it’s the golden boy? the nerdy and cute guy? please let me know.

And that’s the first poll, I will discuss the other two if I see that people replied to this.

Original poll: Let's create an MC!


Maybe because the forums mostly consists of authors who are also readers. You might get a different result if you ask people on Instagram; there are a lot more “just readers” there.